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City of the Dead


During the late 19th century, two scientists explore the Caybridge Trough in the Carribean to a depth of five miles, one of the deepest parts of the ocean on the planet. They encounter a strange city and a civilization of hostile, man-like creatures who attack them.



Air Dates

  • First Run - November 4, 1976
  • Repeat - February 9, 1977





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6 Responses to Episode 0546

Cutting off access to the outside world, is a good way to create suspense. Being trapped below the ocean is about as isolated as you can get, short of being in outer space. This was a fun episode with an entertaining ending. Did RMT adapt any other H.G.Wells stories?


the long long sleep and the seaRCH FOR EDEN

weston lopez

This is my favourite CBSrmt episode.


This episode was a mix, for me. I liked the *idea* of the atmosphere, but their language and the script really didn't pull me into the 1890s--I still felt like it was set in the 70s, which made for some incongruities. SPOILERS FOLLOW: Also, big inconsistency with the size of the creatures. Supposedly, at the end of the tale, we learn that they are only 5-6" tall, tiny things that only *looked* man-size because of the magnified porthole. Yet they describe the creatures' kingdom, including the queen's throne, decorated with human skulls, which the queen verifies. If the skulls were human-size, the small scale of the creatures would be immediately apparent. Still, an okay episode, and the "underwater" voice effect was good.


Great story, but I have to agree with Mike. I never felt like it was the 1890s, likely due to the way the actor's spoke. All I could picture the creatures looking like were cartoon versions of 'Sea Monkeys' (aka Brine Shrimp) with legs.


(Did RMT adapt any other H.G.Wells stories?) The Man Who could Work Miracles, Aug 1976 City of the Dead, Nov 1976 The Secret Chamber, Nov 1976 Watchers of the Living, March 1979

D.C. Klinkensmit

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