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The Sending


Innocent co-eds at a college get their souls sold to the demon by their professor. Black magic is afoot as the professor barters their souls to extend his wife's life.



Air Dates

  • First Run - March 6, 1974
  • Repeat - May 31, 1974





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24 Responses to Episode 0052

Spooky supernatural episode. Good one!


Evidently all young co-eds are dating or want to date one of their professors. That was the REAL supernatural portion of this episode! Supernatural thriller, demon summoning.


I rediscovered this series of OTR. I remember these mysteries growing up and I loved them then and I love them now. Going back one by one from the beginning, this one ranks in my top 5 so far.


A terrific tale of the supernatural. This story centers on a mirror with rejuvenating powers for it's owners. A man and his wife use the mirror to take the lifes of people who are in possession of it.


Excellent spooker. The imagination theater works as only radio can.


Two girls enroll in a college course on the supernatural and take on special projects for extra credit. One has a crush on him and wants to get to know him better, despite his being married to a sickly wife. At the professor's prompting, she takes home a speculum for her project, (which, according to my research, is not at all what is claimed in the episode!!!), a magical device used for divining the future. I want to go to a university that has a department in the paranormal and supernatural.

Chas Moyer

Great episode--4 stars. Very creatively written.

Davy Joe

4 Stars... Story was pretty good. Didn't think the acting was great especially of the two college girls. But was a good listen. No commercials.


Actress Phoebe Dorin from this episode also played Antoinette, the companion of Dr. Loveless in The Wild Wild West tv series.


This one owes its plot to an old 50's British horror film called Curse of the Demon" (US title), British title was Night of the Demon.

Phill Norwood

This was a good episode as you knew all the characters and their motives from the start and therefore there weren't any real surprises. The one female student was a little too cliché, but still a character for the story. Chas - Speculum is what you found in your researches, but further research would've found it is also a type of metal used in mirrors for telescopes and some mirrors (usually about 2/3 copper and 1/3 tin + a little bit of arsenic).


awesome story!


My favorite Mandel Kramer episode is The Sending. It's so spooky!


That is a great one. Mandel Kramer was one of the 'superstars' of CBSRMT. One of my favorite episodes is The Man Who Asked For Yesterday.


Strongly reminiscent of the British horror film "Night Of The Eagle" (1962) if only for the theme of witchcraft occurring within a university setting. The tale seems to borrow liberally from MR James (namely "Lost Hearts" and "Casting The Runes") but despite the fact of retreading on well-trodden ground it is nevertheless entertaining with a brooding atmosphere and some chilling imagery. (7/10)


I remember setting up, feeding my newborn daughter and listening to this particular episode. She must have fallen asleep less than halfway through the program, but there I the dark..rocking a sleeping baby...exhausted but not wanting to turn off the radio...and hanging on every word!. As soon as the oboe started playing at the end of the program..I put the child into her crib..and high tailed it to bed. Good memories.


I curled up in my Ethan Allen , mahogony post bed and shook of fright!!! I had to hold onto the posts to steady myself!! The port flowed throughout the episode. How else could I have kept my sanity??


It had me prisoner in my own thoughts! It sure gave me the creeps! The heebie jeebies!! Demons about it's eerie- I jumped from the davenport at one point- overall I'd say this is a-1 scary! I'll cover all my mirrors now! And not for sitting shiva!


Don't listen to this one with the lights out if you have a wild imagination like I do. You'll regret it. I got so creeped out I nearly turned it off. Really good episode.


People have mentioned "Casting the Runes" (the original) and "Night of the Demon," but if you can't get enough of the someone-has-to-give-someone-something-without-their-knowing plot, it's also used in the movie "Drag Me to Hell." Both this episode and "Honeymoon with Death" have a character named Lansing, I believe. Strange that they would recycle a name so early in the show's run.


This episode like no other exemplifies the idea of radio as the theater of the mind and the imagination. Plus it’s stars three superstars of CBS radio mystery theater, Mandel Kramer Marion Seldes and Tony Roberts how could you go wrong?

David Manzi

This one was quite overrated in my opinion..just no where as scary as the posters here would have had me believe

Tom Mcgrattan

This was an excellent episode! Definitely on mark for a creepy scary radio broadcast at night. Turn out the lights and enjoy as turnabout is fair play. 😬


Excellent story. One of my all-time favorite episodes.

Harper Stacey

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