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The Three Elders of Lifeboat Landing


Lifeboat Landing seems to be the perfect community, where there is no crime and everything is peaceful. When a young reporter starts snooping into the communities past, he discovers more than what he was prepared for.



Air Dates

  • First Run - April 26, 1976
  • Repeat - August 31, 1976





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8 Responses to Episode 0477

A reporter tries to uncover how a small community has achieved something resembling Utopia with no crime, no violence, and no dissent.

J.D. Lange

A lawyer is approached by his affluent client after winning a case to consider coming to live in his utopian community. He is all for it but his wife is less certain. Her brother is a reporter and wants to pursue a story of men arrested for a robbery in the same community during which they allegedly shot and apparently killed the teller. The suspects appear to have vanished without a trial let alone a conviction.

Mutt L.

I loved this story right up until the end. The story just stops instead of having a resolution. To me, it was begging for another 15 minutes, or even a Part 2.


I sort of agree with Ron about the story ending abruptly, however, there is also a point in a story where the author will stop and allow the reader to come to their own conclusions about what happens next. E.G. tells us something that happened next, but we could come to our own conclusions. Not too bad of a story and I liked that the brothers and the wife were all different enough in their opinions/personality to make it more believable.


The story wrapped up too neatly. It really needed a part two.


Very good episode. The plot of this episode is, however, rather very similar to the Twilight Zone episode from 1964 (I think) called Valley of the Shadow.

Jordan N

Mason Adams, while ago great actor, should never play a young character. He just doesn't have the voice for it.


I agree with Cheryl. The story was very entertaining until the conclusion. What made the story interesting was not just the premise of American citizens willing to embrace extrajudicial killings if it makes their lives simpler but the characters were well developed. Unfortunately the ending was not only abrupt it was also unbelievable. The editor of the newspaper now is willing to call the state police and publish an article accusing the elders of crimes without evidence?


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