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Sleeping Dogs


A widow continues to search for the identity of the man who betrayed her husband to the Nazis despite repeated warnings from her new husband and their friends to let go of the past.



Air Dates

  • First Run - April 8, 1976
  • Repeat - August 24, 1976





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6 Responses to Episode 0465

Great story but the recording cuts off just as he was going to tell us some fact of history. :(


The widow of a French Resistance fighter searches for the identity of the man who betrayed her husband to the Nazis. Her new husband and hear dead husband's comarades warn her to leave history alone.

JV. Agrito

A noble middle class couple, looking to advance their position in the kingdom, spends their money on an army legion in order to win the King's favour. A country bumpkin peasant is conscripted into the King's legions. His wife follows to tend to his needs but neither is keen on the life of a soldier, nor are they well suited to the rigors of life in the training field. When the King visits the newly formed legion he is taken aback by the motley crew that the noble has assembled. The noble vows to make the finest army ever assembled and points to the bumpkin as the hallmark by which all soldiers will be measured, not realizing that he has selected the most inept individual in the platoon.


I guess my original review wasn't accepted for some reason. However, as JV mentions above the story was about a WWII widow looking for information on who in the resistance betrayed her husband (the linked audio file may be incorrect). Everyone tells her to stop looking, but she continues to seek the truth. I understand both the people who told her not to and her thoughts on the situation, so it was a good story for me.


Florence Peterson, whose paratrooper husband lost his life just before the invasion of France, disregards the advice of her present spouse and leaves for Paris to discover who in Les Insurgents had betrayed her husband. "Let sleeping dogs lie" is the warning she hears from all the former underground members she is able to contact. They, as well as the American consul in Paris, also say that if she persists in her search, they cannot guarantee her safety.


The story does not match the title and plot. No widow, no nazis. What played for me was the same story as the other other commenter Nicholas referenced, the story of the French peasant bumpkin.


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