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The Horse That Wasn't for Sale


Hereditary equestrian passion notwithstanding, a woman has to put up her horses for sale after her father's death. All except one that is fabled to be the best to the dismay of her dad's rivals.



Air Dates

  • First Run - February 24, 1974
  • Repeat - May 18, 1974
  • Repeat - March 17, 1979





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16 Responses to Episode 0045

Ah, the innocence of a bygone era. Although the protagonist is described as being young and beautiful, when she reveals that she has no money, the blackmailer can't think of any alternative. Thriller, no supernatural elements.


There is no "innocent by-gone era". Are you listening to the same radio dramas the rest of us are?


I was real excited to listen to this one when I noticed that the star was Mercedes McCambridge, who I adored in her role as Sunny in I Love A Mystery back in the 50s. She didn't disappoint as the daughter of a horse owner who, after dad dies, decides to sell off all of his horses except one: Her favorite, Stargazer. Stargazer, though, is a very temperamental horse, and has actually killed a couple of people who tried to ride him or treated him badly. But she's determined to keep him, and gets in a couple more horrendous situations before all is said and done and she's forced to do some pretty awful things on her own account. This CBS-RMT started out with a quick pace and kept it up through the entire hour, and had a curious ending. All in all, might be my favorite so far since the Jan. 6 debut.


This was a fantastic episode. This was a great story that did not sew up and blatantly express the answer in the end. It is left to the listener's intuition of the outcome. This episode involved a horse--Mystery Theater uses animals as characters magnificently. You end up siding with them. 5 stars.

Davy Joe

A woman who inherits a horse farm refuses to sell a prize horse. The horse has a terrible disposition but a man wants to buy him and forces the situation. The situation leads to death and blackmail.


A woman is forced to sell most of her father's horses after he dies. She holds on to the best horse -- much to the consternation of her father's competitors. McCambridge does a fine job with this decent suspense thriller.

M. Reindhart

A woman and her horse are inseparable and while some people would go to any length to get the horse, the horse has ideas of its own. This was the first episode my wife listened to but didn’t make a convert of her. She mocks the line, “NOOOooooooo Dooooonnn’t Riiiiiiddeeeeee Hiiiiiiimmmmmmmmm” Listen to it and you’ll know what I mean.

Jonel Clarence

Yes, I know what you mean when she says that. That line is so awful and hammy, lol!


This is a good episode, like others mentioned there is no supernatural element (but these are generally excellent as well). The only thing that bothered me was Mercedes' voice - something about it has always bothered me. Perhaps if I saw her acting it may be different, but until that point it will likely continue to bother me. I did appreciate the fact that she was the star of the episode and I still enjoyed it.


Whenever Mercedes McCambridge is in the episode, she is always the star.


This is a very good episode but I guessed the ending as soon as the blackmailer showed up.

Joe Mama

Mercedes McCambridge can be a tolerable actress sometimes, but in this one she really overplays some scenes and wrecks what could have been a good performance. As mentioned above thread, when she says “NOOOooooooo Dooooonnn’t Riiiiiiddeeeeee Hiiiiiiimmmmmmmmm” it's really terrible acting, imo. Sorry, for those fans who might feel offended, but she can really ham it up sometiems! Having said that, I'm fond of her anyway.




"Women these days, they can do just about everything -- fly airplanes, run companies, kill people."


A different type of story involving a horse and it's retaliation against people for having been mistreated in the past. Some said McCambridge was awful in her acting but in the context i believe she did well. First time I've heard her. Liked the sound effects.



Eric Templeton

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