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The Death Trail


In the late 1860's, Col. Chambers gives $200,000 to his former officer and current president of a small bank in Texas, Wayne Prescott with the order to invest the funds in cattle. Prescott who is about to marry the sheriff's daughter has no intention of investing the money as he guards a terrible secret. What the others don't know is that he is a member of a marauding and murderous posse, the Gunnysack Gang.



Air Dates

  • First Run - March 1, 1976
  • Repeat - July 20, 1976





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8 Responses to Episode 0440

If you like episode 440 then you may also enjoy episode 1184 — both have similar titles but are uniquely different. Episode 1184, aired March 13, 1981, was originally titled "Death Trail" as well, but it was later changed to "Stampede" during the recording rehearsals. This is why various titles for episode 1184 exist: "Stampede", "Death Trail", "Stampede (Death Trail)", "Stampede/Death Trail" or "Stampede -- Death Trail". It's also why some question if 440 and 1184 are the same — they are not, both are unique episodes.

Mark Main

Good western. Well worth the listening.


A young man rides into a ranch where he wants to be hired on as a ranch hand, despite his total lack of skill or experience. The daughter of the ranch owner has taken a liking to him and helps him prepare for the arduous cattle run they are about to take. The ranch boss is jealous of his position and threatens to see him off, but the young man has qualities that none of the others have.


True to life story of a dangerous cattle drive in the old west. Contains authentic cowboy sayings such as "cookin' up chow," "head 'em on out!", and "whiter that a trout's belly."


After reading the synopsis and comments, I can see that my source of CBSRMT episodes had 1184 in place of this one. So my comments above should instead to with 1184 and not this one.


A fairly good western - if you like westerns, you'll probably like this one. I'm not a big western fan (although I do like some), but I did like this story.


I am not a fan of Westerns in general, but love Ralph Bell in this. His Western drawl is perfect, lol!


Good old fashion Western. Not typically a Western fan, but a fan of this one!

Maureen Maher

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