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The Ferret


Time and again the United States' plan to become independent of foreign energy sources falls short as their partner; Energy Exploration, Inc.'s resources are sabotaged. Amory Mills, EEI's hotshot lawyer sets up an elaborate scheme to entrap a corrupt EEI executive suspected of selling out the company. The clock is ticking as he zeroes in on Clem Ferris and finally comes close to unmasking "The Ferret."



Air Dates

  • First Run - January 26, 1976
  • Repeat - June 16, 1976





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3 Responses to Episode 0421

A tale of spies and espionage. Intelligence officers and scientists work to protect their countries' interests, and when a ship is sabotaged the investigation begins, but no one knows who is really who. A difficult episode to follow at first because so many of the characters' voices are similar, and with all the parts and counterparts, it's a tricky episode.


I agree with Gab that this was a difficult episode to follow with all the players involved. It was interesting, but overloaded. Not one of the best to listen to.


Time after time, the new offshore oil rigs, tankers and natural gas fields of Energy Exploration, Inc., are mysteriously destroyed, thus impeding the United States’ plan to become independent of foreign energy sources. Clem Ferris, an unscrupulous EEI executive, is selling vital company information by Amory Mills, an EEI lawyer who, in a life-threatening contest, seeks to trap Ferris and Warren before they destroy the evidence and uncover the real identity of “The Ferret.”


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