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Five Ghostly Indians


While walking along the Atlantic shoreline, a professor and an inn keeper from Maine come across an unusual Indian arrowhead. Soon after, a dream of five Indians begins to plague them.



Air Dates

  • First Run - October 6, 1975
  • Repeat - February 29, 1976





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9 Responses to Episode 0358

We return to Southern Maine for another story about a group of people who are staying at an inn. A man, Professor George Weymouth, is walking along a rocky beach near the inn and finds an Indian arrowhead. He shows it to Colonel Pingree, another guest at the inn, and learns that in 1605 a man with the same name as him, probably an ancestor, captured and killed five Indians in the same area as he explored the coast of Maine. This sets in motion a series of events that will bring a great deal of distress to those staying at the inn.

Goeffrey T.

A professor and Maine inn keeper find a strange Indian arrowhead alongthe shoreline of the Atlantic. Shortly thereafter, they and other guests are haunted by the vision of five Indians.

B. Luga

Nice little old fashioned ghost story. Lacks mystery and really never actually scary but decent use of sound effects and some intrigueing imagery keep it worthwhile.

Jeremy Bushong

When a modern day George Weymouth, assistant professor, finds an ancient arrowhead, strange apparitions begin to appear. The locals believe that it is the ghosts of the 5 Indians who were killed by his ancestor who bears the same name. Being a man of science he, of course, refuses to believe.

Nolan Samuels

As an obsessive CBSRMT collector I can't help but mention that the name of this episode is "THE" Five Ghostly Indians.

Tim P

An okay tale, but not really that interesting or exciting. I agree with Jeremy that it had good sound effects and intriguing imagery, but that only goes so far.


While vacationing in Maine, Professor George Waymouth and Colonel Caleb Pengree find an old Indian arrowhead on a deserted beach where an early explorer once brutally murdered six Indians. Shortly thereafter, they are frightened by the sound of drums and a cloudy apparition rising out of the water. They keep hearing the drums and seeing the apparition, and when Waymouth is attacked by an unknown force, both men become convinced that avenging spirits do exist.


This is an adaptation of M.R. James story, “Oh whistle and I’lol Come To You, My Lad”


Great story with a satisfying ending.

Gemini lady Jackson

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