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The Lady Was a Tiger


A femme fatale double agent frames an unemployed reporter for homicide in Paris.



Air Dates

  • First Run - February 5, 1974
  • Repeat - April 19, 1974
  • Repeat - February 10, 1979





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19 Responses to Episode 0031

It got a little confusing trying to figure out exactly who was working for whom and when, but the good guys win...I think. Spy drama; no supernatural elements.


One of the few CBSRMT that seems to have too much packed into 50 minutes. Includes plenty of fake French and Russian accents. Overall a good story though.


This was Boris and Natasha stuff about an out-of-work reporter who is randomly assaulted by thugs, saved by a passing stranger, and drawn into his espionage world. He winds up in France chasing around a woman double-agent, and getting involved in a murder and plot to steal government secrets. I guess I stayed with it because, being a reporter, I was interested in following the lead character, who was a cross between Kolchak and Oscar Madison. Didn't quite follow everything, but it was amusing...


This episode was, for lack of better words, weak. Too much information in the allotted time. And the story was unbeleivable. It did make me reflect on the cold war; when Russia was the United States' mortal enemy.

Davy Joe

Intriguing cloak-and-dagger episode with double agents looking for what is initially supposed to be a treasure map to buried jewels stolen by the Nazis, which turns out to be plans for an anti-missile device. It mostly takes place in Paris and contains lots of atmosphere, including French cafes, gendarmes, hypodermic needles filled with sodium pentothal, and a Russian agent named Igor.


This program is a cold war spy thriller with multiple twists and turns. It's difficult to distinguish the good guys from the bad guys. The plot centers on a newspaper executive who is an unwitting pawn in a deadly game. The show I have is complete with a news brief that explains that teachers in Kansas are striking because they object to a 10% pay increase!!! It turns out later in the brief that inflation is running at more than 10% per year!


Annoying, predictable spy story. If somebody dies-so what? An unbelievable story that has no fun.


An out of work newspaper reporter is framed for murder in France by a double agent spy.

Maria Victoria T.

Linear, slow to develop spy story.


An engrosing spy mystery full of international intrigue, agents and double agents. A reporter is fired from his job and ends up deep in an international jewel scam. A great episode with lots of twists and turns and unpredictable characters.


I agree that there was a lot of story crammed into to little time. I also liked the news story about inflation over 10% as it likely is now as well, just that the government (whoever happens to be in charge) likes to remove certain things from the index to keep the number lower. On that note it would be interesting to see what the real number is and has been over the past several decades.


I used to listen to these back in 1974 and later. Brings back good memories. Now I feel old.


I was 14 when these came out and love being transported back to a different time.


Went great on the 4th of July right before a tea break with a little kush

Scooter D and mCs

True radio theater performances in this episode. American voice actors gave convincing French pronunciation in the dialogue between characters. 2 thumbs and 2 big toes up.

Don L Wilkey

I generally do not like the commercials when they are included in the episodes, but I love the opening news clips when they are included. This episode is a perfect example. At the 4:03 mark the newscaster says the name Mark Felt of the FBI. At the time in 1974 I probably wouldn't have noted that, seeing that I was 7 yrs. old. However, in 2005, Mr. Felt revealed himself to be none other than....."Deep Throat" of Woodward/Bernstein Watergate fame.

Tim N

A favorite episode of mine is The Lady Was A Tiger.


So much of the enjoyment of any particular episode relies on the believability and conviction of the leads. For instance, I have trouble anytime say Fred Gwynn or Mercedes McCambridge is the lead. Just feels like they are standing at a mic reading a script each time. I mention this because William Redfield is so good and so natural in this Gary Grant in over his head type spy thriller. Joan Loring is terrific too. Fun episode and unlike other opinions here I think very well written. Next to Sam Dann Murray Bennet might be my fav RMT writer. Better than average.


Do enjoy the news cast and commercials on these shows, energy crisis and Kellogg cereal ball and chain! What reminders of the old days and what fun to hear! Everyone seems to want flash and hype in commercials and the news nowadays is not news, but as someone commented about this story, a stretch beyond believing. This spy story of a down and out reporter is intriguing. If people are having difficulty figuring out the good from the bad guys, well then it's doing what a spy story should by not being obvious! An enjoyable listen.


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