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After being charged with the physical assault of a colleague, a college professor agrees to take a polygraph test to prove his innocence. When he fails, he begins to question technology and its relevance in the world.



Air Dates

  • First Run - July 7, 1975
  • Repeat - November 9, 1975





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16 Responses to Episode 0304

These episodes bring back a lot of memories. Thank you for making them available. Now my family can enjoy the shows I didfrom years goneby.


For once a story from Elspeth Eric that isn't dreary. This had an interesting premise. Am I the only one who thinks that Kenny needs to move out of his mother's house?


Exactly… log overdue! 🤣


Maybe it's not a dreary story, but it isn't very good, either. Why Elspeth Eric peopled her stories with freaks, weirdos, shrews, mama's boys, and nuts is beyond me. Only she knew how she felt about humanity.


It wasn't predictable, and brought up some good ethical questions.


More thoughts regarding this episode: As it developed, I felt the scenes were revealing more and more of his character, and I thought I had predicted the ending. Had it planned out in my mind so much, that the real ending really surprised me. This episode kept me on my toes.


I agree that the main character was too much a Momma's boy and really needed to move out. However, it did seem toward the end that he didn't want to be that way anymore (I'm sure you know which scene I'm talking about) and was finally starting to be his own man. It was an interesting episode in that he keeps believing he's innocent even though everything seems to point to his guilt (including the previously mentioned scene).


Good story...but I thought it unlikely that a professor of philosophy couldn't wrap his brain around the concept of "subconscious guilt"... Maybe he didn't want to believe it.

Cindy Caldwell

When it was over I thought, “Is that it?” Elspeth has done it again: she has wasted a perfectly good hour of time.


One of the very few Elspeth Eric episodes that I actually liked

Jordan N

Didnt anyone find it strange that he strange that he attacked his mother?


I didn't find it that strange. His mother was keeping him a prisoner, blocking his way, and refusing to allow him to have a girlfriend. He was fed up and for a moment he lost his head. I don't condone condone him attacking her, but I can see why he did. She was an obnoxious, controlling, jealous woman. He had to put up with her his whole life and he had reached his limit.


Just to be clear that I don't think he should have attacked his mother. He should have controlled himself because he could have harmed her, or even accidentally caused her death. I'm just saying that I could understand why he felt rage. he shouldn't have acted on it though. He was supposedly a grown man, I agree with the posters who said that he should have moved out of his mother's house.


I liked this Elspeth Eric piece. However, it should have ended with the reveal (after being cleared by the police) that Kenny-boy really did rape his neighbor. The episode seemed to be heading in that direction when Kenny said the neighbor had short hair like mama.


Elspeth Eric really missed the mark by making this a tame story about a mama's boy with mommy issues. I agree with Max that the ending should have been more sinister.


I am getting pretty good at telling if a story is from elspeth eric by just listening to the dialogue for a few minutes.... her stories all have one thing in common, they are like watching a dog running around in a circle chasing its own tail for 45 minutes or so...


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