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The Devil's Leap


A famous film star tries to unite a father and son after the strange death of the woman of the family.



Air Dates

  • First Run - June 4, 1975
  • Repeat - September 30, 1975





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9 Responses to Episode 0285

A matinee idol works to reunite a father and son who are estranged after the mysterious death of their mother/wife.

James Jr.

A beautiful, talented American celebrity finds herself the subject of affection of an estranged father and son. A romantic love story with a happy ending. (What were the writers thinking?!?) The only thing macabre about this episode is Mercedes McCambridge again cast as a gorgeous younger woman. You'll never convince me that she sounds like anything but borderline insane approaching-elderly nut case with a tenuous grasp of her maturity. And the young son in the program sounded like a middle aged simpleton. Don't get me wrong. Both actors are wonderful when cast in roles that match their voices.

Lorrie Jane A.

A sweet story with a happy ending on CBSRMT?!? AND it stars Mercedes McCambridge? I didn't think it would ever happen. This story is a nice change of pace from the regular CBSRMT fare that I found to be engaging and pleasant.


This episode isn't bad, but the actress who Plays Liz has a very old voice which throws off the whole episode for me. This kind of low cigarette laden voice makes it impossible to imagine a young woman beautiful enough to make son and father fall in love. She sounds like. 50 year old seamstress. Whenever Mercedes is in a role like this it really throws off the listening experience.


A fairly decent drama, but I agree that Mercedes McCambridge always sounded her age. I do admit that I've heard some people that do sound younger and older than they really are, but after hearing her voice so many times I always hear her as older.


I am with Melanie. 6/2/16. I have a hard time with the put on accents. We can use our imagination that the principal males are Spanish.


I agree about the voices, but I must say that Señor Dryden has a great voice.


I agree, the storyline was intriguing enough...but poor sound quality, accents, and Mercedes McCambridge playing 27 just did not cut it for me (it helped to imagine a young Kathleen Turner or Demi Moore).


Every time I hear Mercedes’ voice, I think of a person on the verge of a nervous breakdown. This part wld’ve best been played by Jada Rowland or Marion Seldes. Storyline was good, however, another actress wld’ve sold the story for sure.


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