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A Ghostly Game of Death


A prospective buyer for an ancient dwelling recruits the services of a ghost hunter to get rid of the spirit of the wife of a sea captain.



Air Dates

  • First Run - February 2, 1974
  • Repeat - April 12, 1974
  • Repeat - February 4, 1979





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26 Responses to Episode 0028

Why did the sea captain have to break the dogs neck?

Caesar Millan

I found the dog very annoying (and certainly a human pretending to be a dog in the story) but certainly the writer could have had the dog run out of the house which would have been a better humane ending to the dog. But a better question to ask is why the Captain had to kill anyone at all?

Scott H

Because the Captain was a vicious man. Having him kill an innocent animal for no apparent reason was supposed to make the listener wonder, who's next? It added an element of fear to the story.


Typical ghost story. I was waiting for a "rational" explanation for what was happening...but there wasn't one! Ghost story; haunted house.


In Game of Death, a ghosthunter takes on the challenge of staying a full night in a home that has been haunted by the wife of a sea captain that murdered her and her lover when he caught them together. Didn't find it all that entertaining, to be honest. Maybe if I wasn't battling traffic on I-80 for most of it i might have thrown my mind into it more...


I agree... not the best episode. Still not sure why the developer didn't just take a bulldozer and knock the house down? Why was it so important to have someone spend the night to get the ghost out if they were building a new development anyway?


In the story, they allude that workers would not do it. No one wanted to be part of tearing down the house, which I presume would include the Bulldozer?

Scott H

In this tale, we learn of a haunted house and a developer that wants to use the property. He hires two men to spend the night in the ghostly house.


In this house there are truly scary ghost and truly sad ones. Anger and hate is maintained by hidden forces.


A ghost hunter tries to drive the ghost of an old sea captain's wife out of a house so a new buyer can live in it to tear it down to build condominiums.

Brader A.

Well told "chick-flick" type haunted house story.

Jeby Wayans

A profssional ghost hunter and his skeptical friend spend a night in a house so haunted that no one has ever been able to spend a single night there. The ghost of a beautiful woman having an affair with another man was murdered by her jealous seafaring husband. The owner of the land wants to tear it down to build a condo but none will go near the house. an o.k. episode

F. Bradley

I finally had to shut it off - the barking, whining dog was too much to take. A little of that goes a long way in radio.


Which is why I believed the writer had the dog killed by the sea captain. But, certainly, the writer could have had the dog just run away and we are all happier. :)

Scott H

That would have been more humane to the dog, but it would have made the episode less horrifying, lol! The whole point was to show hoe vicious the captain is.


I meant to say The whole point was to show HOW vicious the captain is.


Not an exceptional episode in any good way. The writing is clumsy, too much unexplained & confusing, ending unsatisfactory. Some good parts, though, and generally a good storyline. Wish a different writer could have given it a treatment.


This haunted house story spooked the socks off me when I was a kid in the 1970s


This story reminded me of Richard Matheson's story "The Legend of Hell House" at the beginning, but as mentioned, it's not as good of a story. I also agree that if he wanted to get rid of the house why not use a bulldozer, wrecking ball, or just a controlled fire? The answer is because then it would be a boring story.


A very good episode.


I rate this episode ★★★★☆ for GOOD. Murray Burnett wrote a spooky mystery that was entertaining, but not spooky enough. Murray Burnett wrote many great CBSRMT episodes, including the ones based off of Sherlock Holmes stories, but this Fantasy-Mystery needed more frightening circumstances other than a jealous sea captain, a magic mirror, or a dog that “mysteriously” died. The Title has a punch, but another way to title this would be “Lucy And Her Lover” or simply, “The Ghost Hunter.” The sound effects of the glass breaking, body thud, howling wind, the dog Byron barking/whimpering/growling, footsteps, ocean, striking the match, fire place, constant door pounding, thunder, music box, horse carriage, phone ringing, revolver, cups clinking, hammer, crowbar, slip of the paper will, saucer destroyed, and the burning fire were supportive in this tale. And the music was extremely supportive with its ghastly tunes in each Act. The best music parts were at the 2-minute mark where the story immediately became bone-chilling with its first character stuck inside the haunted house. Plus, the 22-minute mark with its hair-raising music track from the TWILIGHT ZONE series. 1 of the 2 things that I enjoyed in this CBSRMT episode was the Host’s his classic intro, “Welcome to the world of your own terrifying imagination” and the topic of ghosts. In ACT-1, E.G. Marshall talks about “Nameless Horrors” and that each man has his own nightmares. In ACT-2, he jumps into the middle of the story, around the 17-minute mark, about what has happened in the dark room. In ACT-3, after revealing how the story ended, E.G. Marshall suggests that skeptics should spend a night in a haunted house. In his Epilogue, he gave us the resolution that our main character continued to be a Ghost Hunter. The 2nd thing that I enjoyed was our cast: William Prince (as Alex Garth), Ralph Bell (as Mr. Flanders), Joan Tyson (as Robert Ginely and Lucy Hatch), William Redfield (as Tim Kelly and Jon Rogers), and Gilbert Mack (as Captain Hatch). All the actors, including William Prince were tremendous on their parts, but our main actress was the captivating one. Joan Tyson’s voice was exquisite as the voices of Marian Seldes, Morgan Fairchild, Teri Keane, and Jada Rowland. Tune in to this CBSRMT episode if enjoy stories of ghosts and/or haunted houses. And if you want a ghost story that’s bone-chilling, nail-biting, blood-curdling, I recommend #1245-THE JUDGE’S HOUSE. Until next time…pleasant dreams. =0)


After paying my donation to the CBSRMT and downloading every episode, I have started to listen to one episode each night as I fall asleep as I did in my youth, but this time, I am able to listen again the next morning as like in my youth, I tend to fall asleep before the episode finishes. HOWEVER, this episode was the first one I did not fall asleep. The best to date and I don't remember this episode when I was younger.

Scott H

I also use to listen to the cbsmt as a kid. Started in Jr. High and into high school..i fell asleep to them..i am so glad to have found this website. I look forward to listening e.g. Marshall in these

Trip Stidham

Jack, no real animals were harmed during the making of this recording.


Loved this episode! Spooky and creepy! The ending was really something, i highly recommend this one for Halloween 🎃


EXCELLENT EPISODE!!! I truly enjoyed it!!!

Eric Templeton

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