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Don't Let It Choke You


An aged and widowed antique trader is forced to adopt a teenage girl. As he tries to communicate with her despite their many differences, he starts to wonder about the rampant death all around him. Numerous people whom he knew have been killed in the recent past.



Air Dates

  • First Run - May 21, 1975
  • Repeat - September 6, 1975





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3 Responses to Episode 0277

A widower antique dealer is forced to take in a 17 year old orphan girl. As he struggles to close the generation gap between himself and his ward, he also struggles to discover why death surrounds him. Several women, some friends, some customers, have been strangled. the police are growing suspicious.

Elijah R.

A wealthy antique dealer lives a bachelor’s life with his man servant with whom he served as a Green Beret. His daily ritual of drinking from a green phial and sitting in an armchair day-dreaming of a long lost love, shows his deep seated desire for love. Yet, never having any luck with women, despite his charm and devilishly good looks, he vows to live the life of a bachelor recluse and vows off women. Receiving a telegram from a friend, he learns that he has become the guardian of a certain 17 year old. He is perturbed at first but sets about to prepare for his young charge. That is just the beginning of the changes and surprises that are about to come. The whole thing with the liquor in the green phial is never clearly connected to the plot – I can only guess it is perhaps a reference to Absinthe and the daydreams are a kind of trip that results from the liquor.

John Paul

A fairly good listen. I did catch on about half way through or so on what was really going on with the women. However, the version I downloaded didn't have the best audio quality - I'm glad I'm listening to these at my desk rather than in my car.


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