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Deadly Dilemma


A thriller up in the air. Someone among the passengers possess a bomb and the unlikely heroes of an attendant and a co-pilot must find him/ her out.



Air Dates

  • First Run - May 15, 1975
  • Repeat - August 30, 1975





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7 Responses to Episode 0274

Good story. Some comedy. Nice twist with nun. Worth the listening time.


Someone aboard Flight 108 enroute from Central America to New York, has a bomb. It is up to a stewardess and co-pilot to find out who.

Isabella V.

Ironic that the stewardess is trying to vet the doctor by giving an anatomy error, and while doing so speaks of "an air pocket." There is no such thing, and a real stewardess would know this and refer to it as "clear air turbulence." Makes her suspect, not him! And that opening chatter from Scotty about "Jolly Green Co-pilot" and such? "Make like this is the army and move!" Ouch. Some very bad writing in this episode.

Jerry Dodson

Thankyou so much for putting these up for us all. How kind you are! God bless you for being such a sweet caring person that is so wonderful to take the time to put these great stories here for us to enjoy. May you always get back all the best things in life, because you deserve everything wonderful! There aren't many people like you that care enough to do this, so Thank you so very much again!


I agree with Jerry that there was some terrible dialogue in this episode. However, I still enjoyed the episode and how they were deducting who the person could be. I found it interesting that they didn't include the actual person in their list of suspects at the end, even before they found out the gender of the person. I also thought it strange that they got information so piecemeal from the police (or whoever). It was, of course, just a plot device, but not the best one. Not the best episode.


The captain's tough guy dialogue was laughably silly.


The Thriller in the Clouds!

Scooter D

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