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The Sire De Maletroit's Door


This is a retelling of a Robert Louis Stevenson tale set in 16th century France. Two friends flee for their lives. One gets fatally wounded, and the other finds shelter at the residence of a crazy aristocrat who tries to force him to marry his unruly niece.



Air Dates

  • First Run - February 6, 1975
  • Repeat - April 22, 1975
  • Repeat - August 26, 1979





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8 Responses to Episode 0219

In sixteenth century England, while avoiding muggers, a man stumbles into the home of an insane nobleman. The Sire de Ma;troit tries to force him to marry his wayward niece.

Willaim McDonalds

A soldier on his way to meet his regiment stops along the way to visit a friend. (Acts 1 and 2) After leaving he is pursued by the enemy and he finds refuge behind an unlocked door (Act 3) Just listen to Act 3. That’s where the action is.


A sixteenth century thriller

Gina Schackel

I love it when the actors attempt to use accents. I just wish ALL the actors used an accent. This took place in France, not the USA. Oh, well... It was a good version and a fun episode. I am grateful for the modest attempts at sounding "French."


An interesting and likeable episode. I did buy all of Louis Stevenson's writings from Amazon through their reader, now I just have to put aside time to read them all. Hopefully I enjoy them as much or more than I have the adaptations here.


During the Hundred Years’ War, a cavalier escapes drunken soldiers to refugee in a Mansion. It is here he has to decide to marry or not the owner’s daughter. Who’s Father is a vicious beast!

Scooter D

Ok. I have to confess that I really enjoyed this episode which is an odd morality tale. The story include murder, honor, love, a cruel priest, and an obsessed uncle. Enjoy! Also, the top of the hour news include a tax credit to all Americans ...

Kathy D

This makes me love "Rosaline" (2022) the comedic retelling of Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet," told from the point of view of Romeo's ex. Falling deeply in love in a couple hours is a tricky prospect. (And we used to laugh at how fast people fell in love on The Love Boat back in the day!)


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