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Ghost Talk


A man dies and his wife is devastated by it. He finds out that he can communicate with her and she promises to never forget him. But later he finds out from an angel that if he persists in keeping his memory alive, she will be stuck in eternal limbo. So he must achieve the nearly impossible task of making her forget about him.



Air Dates

  • First Run - January 17, 1975
  • Repeat - March 25, 1975





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10 Responses to Episode 0207

Anyone else notice Bruce loses his ethereal voice for a few seconds while speaking with Melba? Maybe he wasn't really a ghost!

Mike in Grand Rapids

A man dies leaving his wife a sorely grieving widow. He finds he can contact her from the life beyond, and she promises to remember him always. He learns from an angel though, that as long as he is remembered, he is stuck in the middle ground between Earth and the full afterlife. He then seeks to convince his wife to forget him… not an easy task.


This is a lighthearted and fun episode. Nothing scary about it. In fact, the set up in Act 1 for, and later in Act 3 the appearance of, a ghost, is quite amusing. Don't expect a 'happy' ending though. ;)

Kim in Japan

It was a cute story and a very fun episode. I disagree, I think the ending was very happy. The living wife was shocked in to resuming a happy life and the departed was finally allowed to rest. I could hear the moral: it is fine to morn but don't forget to move on and enjoy what's left of living. (Afterall, who know what you'll come back as the next time round.)


A lighthearted ghost story, comedic even. Dryden as God (what other regular would it be?) was pretty funny as well. Live for the future, not the past (as Bruce's mother found out too late).


Elspeth Eric is more reliable when she does comedy or very light drama than when she goes for really serious fare. This, a case of the former, is entirely listenable. Melba's pitiful and boring, but that's actually kind of the point.


Just a general comment... Does anybody else enjoy the bigger files with commercials and maybe starting with the news? I really enjoy the back in time aspect where I'm a kid hearing these for the first time. Maybe there could be a group option (beyond the current chronological) of large files... 12m and above to target listeners like me. Even if not thanks for a good sure and everybody donate like me if you can.

Chris f

Chris, I definitely enjoy the episodes that include news and all the commercials!!!!!! It makes me very sad when the episodes have been sliced and diced.


Melba was a wonderful wife to Paul, but as his widow she leaves something to be desired. She won’t stop loving him and she won’t leave him alone. In desperation, Paul goes to a kindred spirit, Bruce, for help. The only advice Bruce can offer is for Paul to marry again—not his earthly wife, Melba, but a heavenly creature who, like Paul, expects to live on forever in whatever place it is they live on forever. (207)


I loved this episode


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