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Turn About Is Foul Play


A man together with his girlfriend plots to kill his rich and sickly wife. At the last moment he experiences a change of heart but someone carries out the job for him. As all evidence point towards him, he must prove his innocence to the police without even a shred of proof to support him.



Air Dates

  • First Run - December 26, 1974
  • Repeat - February 19, 1975





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11 Responses to Episode 0192

Great story. Mason Adams and Marian Seldes are two of my favorite voices in the series.


"The money will help you forget." That phrase uttered to Bill Sperling from his attorney after his wife is slain and he is the soul beneficiary to her fortune. This episode was fantastically done; the actors and writing was superb. It was also thought provoking. Can money heal wounds? I often think so. But this episode went a bit further in questioning, "Can a grand act of charity bring happiness?" 4 stars.

Davy Joe

A man's mistress wants him to murder his wife before the wife changes her will and leaves him out of the money. This betrayal is complicated by the fact that the wife has been accepting advice from a strange doctor. The plot thickens with several twists and turns.


A man contemplates murdering his sickly wife so that he and his mistress can live off the wife's millions. Does he have the nerve to go through with it...or will someone else beat him to the punch? This is a good story with several nice twists and turns. Genre: Suspense

Kenny Kramer III

A man and his lover discuss the waning health of his critically ill wife knowing that they can never really be together as long as she is alive. They also know that without her money, their existence together would be penniless. Though she is receiving treatment from doctors, there is no expectation that she will ever recover. She resorts to more outlandish treatments and finds a ‘doctor’ who uses hypnosis not only to bring health to her, but also her wealth to him. Through hypnosis he has her change her will to make him beneficiary. When the husband finds out, he is furious and seeks to implement his plan before the will can be changed. But watch out for twists in the road, and his underlying sense of right and wrong.

Louie Kraft

He should have still gone to jail. He did "attempt" to kill her and, if it wasn't for the glass near her bed, she would still be alive. He provided the means to kill her. In my book that's premeditated murder. Of course he could have blamed it all on the quack doctor. Not a believable ending. So he decided at the very last second to let her live because he wasn't cut out of the will, big deal. Next time, throw out the milk if you really mean it!!


Thanks for giving away the ending.


I thought this episode was pretty good and had a morally decayed person start realizing that they were morally decayed. I would have to listen to it again to confirm, but in relation to Nicole's comment above I thought that he had "accidentally" spilled the drink he was going to give her, so he didn't leave it out. Although his plan to kill her was provided to the doctor via his fickle mistress, I don't think that would necessarily make him an accessory to murder. Perhaps I need to study law to find out for sure.


A very good story that has some unexpected bumps in the road. I believe people can redeem themselves, if they truly have their heart in it. Perhaps there is hope for him. Really good acting and sound effects. Makes you wonder about the evil doctor and where's he headed! Enjoyed commercials and news. Especially during this bizarre year of vivid19. Thank you E. G. Marshall for another great commentary!


I believe the actress in this is Vicky Vola, who was the secretary, Ms. Miller, on the radio show, "Mr. District Attorney". E.G. Marshall says "Vola", not "Volante".

Jeffrey Hearn

Mason Adams is my favorite. This a superb story.


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