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Deadly Honeymoon


A honeymoon turns nightmarish as a woman realises her husband to be culpable of the murders of his previous wives - during their honeymoon



Air Dates

  • First Run - January 24, 1974
  • Repeat - March 23, 1974
  • Repeat - January 5, 1979





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22 Responses to Episode 0019

Nice ending, well foreshadowed; I "sort of" saw it coming, but only "sort of." The attempted murderer gets away with a punch in the nose; he should have been arrested. Crime drama; no supernatural elements.


I found this to be somewhat of a depressing story, at least up until the end. Unlike Andy, I did not see the ending coming at all.


If this were a true story, the woman who is the focal point would be the dumbest in the history of the world. First of all, she marries a guy she just met a few weeks earlier (Stupid thing to do, No. 1). While they're on their honeymoon she's approached by a stranger who introduces himself as a detective and says he suspects that her new husband has killed two previous wives and has her on his list as the third. She doesn't want to believe it, but at the same time lets the guy continue to bother her without as much as asking for an identification (Stupid thing to do, No. 2). All the while, she keeps this a secret while she snoops around trying to find out if it's true (Stupid thing to do, No. 3). You just want to grab her by the shoulders and shake her around. Oh, and the ending is ridiculous. LOL... one of my favorites, to be sure.


i couldnt agree with Ron more, since they gave away the story in the beginning, he basically gave her all she needed to know if she only just used her brain...then it would've been another story all together maybe even a little better.


The would-be murderer in this story has the lamest excuse for everything he has done when he gets outed in the end; what kind of a practical joker, no matter what lengths he is willing to go to, would involve a loaded gun? If he were simply joking, blanks would do the trick...


My mother-in-law married her husband 3 weeks after they met. Glad for it, or I wouldn't have my wife! Great story, my favorite so far listening chronologically. Five stars.


Loved this one. Great twist. I was surprised by the ending. Love these stories. I'm so glad they are here to enjoy all over again. Thank you!


A very suspicious new husband is actually the recipient of a cruel joke.


A woman learns that detectives are tailing her new husband because they suspect he killed his first wife.

Lady Palafox

A bit farfetched, but it keeps twisting and turning unexpectedly.

Naomi Campbell

A couple marry after only knowing each other for a few weeks go on a cross country honeymoon and learn more about each other. The wife learns more than she expected from a detective that has been following them. Good premise for a story, reasonably plausable plot, but the ending kind of falls flat...

Garreth F.

I agree with Naomi and others that it was a bit farfetched, but still a good story and I wasn't expecting the ending that we got. I'm not sure if the one guy could've been arrested for anything, but it would've been nice to try.


Loved this one! Great mystery! The commercials were great too. Can you believe that a bank in NJ was offering 5.25% on their savings accounts !!!! Ah the good old days !


Awesome story! A bride learns from an ex–police officer that her new husband has been married twice before and that he killed both previous wives while taking them on the same honeymoon trip that he has planned for her. A love story that begins during a honeymoon in a terrifying way.


This one was obvious to me well before act two. It was not so much a mystery as a tale of what was the motive of the retired detective. The bride being that gullible was believable if you factor in the relative innocence of the times compared to the information in a screen swipe moment of today and her youth. The husband was disengaged with the relationship and seemed like a character that was only there because you had to have a spouse for the scenario only. The coworker was not convincing as a detective and had the worst excuses imaginable.


I love all these stories. I listen to a couple every night before falling asleep. Wish you were still producing them! Introduced to them while out in the desert on a camping trip back in the 70s. Just discovered this site and am stoked about that!


This old episodes are the BEST! Starting listening back in 1975 when I was 5. 😊


Enjoyed this story! Good story of how mind games can be played and sometimes how susceptible a mind can be. The would be murderer got off light in my book, should have been given an accidental flash wound with his own gun! Ah the good old days of high interest rates at banks lol and the grocery and food commercials are so fun to listen too!


Pretty similar to the premise of Journey Into Terror. Spoilers - Has a silly ending

Jordan N

I rate this episode ★★★★☆ for GOOD. Allow me to begin with the best parts first. NUMBER ONE, the Cast: Betsy Von Furstenberg (as Susan Carey), Michael Wager (as Daniel Carey), Elspeth Eric (as the Stewardess and Aunt Clara Roland), and Mason Adams (as Lieutenant Gale Harrington/Martin Harvey and the Message Desk). Both Elspeth Eric & Mason Adams were great for playing 2 roles. Big props to Michael Wager, for this was his very first episode to perform in CBSRMT history. But a big round of applause to the legendary actress Betsy Von Furstenberg. A terrific actress, with a delicate voice for radio, who has performed in theatre, TV shows, and movies. It’s too bad that this was the only episode she did for CBSRMT and should’ve done more. NUMBER TWO, the Host. E.G. Marshall starts the show off with the classic phrases (the sound of suspense, the fear you can hear, terrifying imagination, etc.), but focus that this is a love story in a terrifying fashion. In ACT-2, introduce our 2 main characters that end up with a surprising honeymoon. In ACT-2, our leading lady deals with a lot of questioning. More importantly, E.G. Marshall’s words in this situation: “Fear affects the salivary glands and Terror ruins the taste buds.” Combining Fright with Flavor is a good mix! In ACT-3, changing plans to break a pattern. After realizing that this story has a happy ending, the 2 main characters got a spoiled honeymoon, but didn’t end up with a spoiled marriage. In his Epilogue, E.G. Marshall makes it clear that CBSRMT had a demonstration point that the most terrifying crimes can happen within the Theatre of the Mind. His narrations were thought-provoking and well done. NUMBER THREE, the music & sound effects. A lot of dramatic tunes were played in every Act and the best one was at the 29-minute mark where the wife is all alone, feeling paranoid, and talking to herself. The sound effects of airplane soaring, tableware clinking, footsteps, romantic music playing on the radio, customers murmuring, coffee cups clinking, doors, unlocking the suitcase, rotary phone ringing, wine glasses clinking, knocking room service table over, P.A. system, rummaging through clothes and documents, hotel buzzer, gun shot, and the slap at the 46-minute 15-second mark were helpful and effective in this. But here’s the reason why I rated this 4 out of 5 stars: The Script. Henry Slesar wrote a lot of terrific dramatic episodes and this had a shocking twist at the end. The problem is that the plot points were a little far-fetched. For example, when Martin Harvey pretended to be a Lieutenant, Susan Carey believed him right away without asking for his police identification. Plus, she didn’t ask for physical evidence about the 2 women that mysteriously died. If this story happened in real life, Martin Harvey would’ve been arrested for impersonating an Officer. Another plot point example that’s far-fetched, was Susan fallen in love with Daniel Carey instantly. The 2 barely knew each other for less than a month and suddenly got married. The woman should’ve used common sense by going out with him many times over rather than jump to conclusions that her newlywed was perfect without a mysterious past. But as E.G. Marshall pointed out in the final Act, they had a spoiled Honeymoon, but not a spoiled Marriage. A good Drama-Mystery with an ending that will surprise many fans of CBSMRT. Another way to title this would be “The Compulsive Honeymoon.” SPECIAL BONUS: this episode has classic commercials of Budweiser, Kellogg’s Special K cereal, Suburban Savings jingle, Himan Brown’s weekly prizes, Peter Roberts hosting “Rambling With Roberts,” Joe Franklin hosting “Memory Lane,” and the “Sherry Henry Program.” For those that want to hear another mystery story involving a honeymoon, with a surprising ending, I recommend Ep. #0133-JOURNEY INTO TERROR. Until next time…pleasant dreams.


I liked the twist at the end. In my opinion not a great twist but a good one! It was a classic Good episode!


I was leery about listening to this as I was not looking forward to a multiple wife murderer. The show is, in my opinion, worth the listen. :)


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