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I Hate Harold


When his boss hires a slick and overbearing sales manager, his executive assistant detests him on sight. When he discovers that the man is an expert jewel thief out to rob them blind, he lends his assistance to the local police.



Air Dates

  • First Run - October 29, 1982
  • (No Repeat) - January 1, 1970





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15 Responses to Episode 1388

I didn't love this story. The Harold and Walter scam was easily predictable. The thing I did like about this episode was that I didn't expect the twist with George at the end, so I enjoyed the surprise. (However, I was glad in the epilogue when we found out he and Gretchen were apprehended at the airport. ) The main thing I didn't like about this one was that I couldn't really find any of the characters sympathetic. Harold was obnoxious, and he and Walter were both crooks. George was whiney and then ALSO turned out to be a crook---and Gretchen was just a brainless dip. Gave it a 2. Until next time....! PS: I do very much like Tammy Grimes as the host in the episodes from '82. She's not E.G., of course, but I like her voice and think she was an excellent host. I also very much enjoy the earlier episodes in which she performs. She's a pretty terrific actress.

Roy A.

I'm going to give it a three although in a ten point system, I would give it a seven which is the rating I give if a I find an episode enjoyable, with no major gaffes in the script or performance. I thought the character of Harold was developed nicely. I have an associate who behaves just like that. While I don't hate anybody, I sure don't like him. I, too, like Grimes as a hostess. I think her voice lends itself well to the genre. I like her a lot more than I like Himan Brown as a narrator. I've listened to about half a dozen Grimes stories. She may be the finest actress to appear in CBSRMT. Good pick. It's nice to pick one from the later years. I suspect not many of us have listened to a lot of 1981-1982. There's probably a few undiscovered gems out there.

Kurt W.

I can't completely explain my logic; for some reason I thoroughly enjoyed this program and I gave it a solid 4/5. If I have a knock, it's that this program was a bit predictable. However, I was intrigued by the topic and somewhat suprised that the theme of 'hate', such base human emotion, was the centerpiece of a CBSRMT program. I didn't sympothize with any of the characters but I thought they were well developed and the author was true to his topic. Perhaps I enjoyed the program because I've met a few people like Harold Buckhalter, obnoxious yet gregarious, and it was interesting to hear how George Wallaby, a steady but less dynamic man, dealt with his disgust of this Harold. Interestingly, I thought Tammy Grimes was excellent. I haven't listened to a great number of programs where she assumed the role we associate with E.G. Marshall but I thought she did an admirable job. I made a special note that she interacted and narrated within Act II, as opposed to the more familiar style of speaking only at the beginning or conclusion of an Act, and I thought this was technique was very effective in providing texture to the play.

Mr. Digswell

Believe it or not, this is not one of my favorite episodes based on the story, which I, too found quite predictable in areas. The twisting end was enough to make it a worthwhile venture, though. What got me to choose this one over a host of others, was that I've worked with men like Harold and could fully relate to the emotion of the main character. The "thumbtack on the chair" bit actually made me laugh out loud. In all, it was a simple and fun episode in which it seems everyone got what they deserved. Scoring the story, development, and listenability I give it a 4, but as for overall depth and plot I'd have to give it a 3.5. Best wishes,

S. Summers

I liked this episode even though I had figured that Harold and the detective were working together about half way through. I will admit that George's twist at the end did surprise me. I am not too crazy about Tammy's hosting of RMT. I do like EG Marshal or even Hyman Brown much better. Tammy seems too breathless in her narrations. Thanks for this episode.

J. Lee

i gave this show a 4 only because of the twist ending, or should i say double twist, since george got caught in the end. i was going to give it a 3 until then. i'm not saying it was a bad show , just a solid average show. it lived up to yhe high rmt standards. i have to admit when i first heard tammy's voice i thought "oh no , where's EG? i took an instant dislike to her voice. i didn't HATE her though. after i settled down and could breath normally again i thought "she's not so bad". you have to understand that this was my first rmt without EG! at least i don't remember listening to any EG-less rmt. maybe i've blocked it out of my mind like i did first grade. maybe if i had heard tammy before EG than things would be different. i wonder if anyone heard tammy before EG and feels just the opposite. that might make a good poll. about the show. my favorite part was when someone would mention harold's name to george he would answer "i HATE harold!" it was like a comedy routine. Who's on first? I don't know. Third base! sad to say it's not a keeper. i audio tape the shows to listen to at work but this one i can tape over without shedding many tears.


I gave this one a four. I liked the first twist at the end -- George the thief - after Tammy told us at the beginning he would be the hero-- a little Sting on the listener. I did not like the second twist where George is "caught" in the epilogue. A poor way to clean up such an important loose end. The story was a solid crime mystery -- one with clues that allow you to figure it out if you pay attention. I started suspecting Walter was not a ligitimate crime fighter when he kept telling George to "Call me Walter" just like Harold did. For some reaosn I was supecting the old man to be involved in it at the end for insurance reasons or such -- but that suspecion did not pan out. The characters my have been painted with too broad a brush but I guess a 45 minute radio story does not afford time for subtlety.


I liked this story a lot because of the actor's performances. "Wallaby. Sounds like a guy gargling. You got a first name Wallaby?" "He's not an international jewel thief. Just a LOCAL jewel thief." I like how the story moves a long, because unfortunately many RMTs get lost in their 45 minute format. My #1 complaint of so-so RMTs have been the fact that they would have been better as 30 minute shows. I give this one a 3.5/5, with "Roll Call of the Dead" being a 5 and "Men Without Mouths" being a 1.

K. Azana

For the record, this is one of my very favorite of the late RMTs. A delightful story all 'round, as so many of Henry Slesar's were. This tale--again, like many of Slesar's--was also done on ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS (under, as I recall, another title).


Although I love this episode, I never liked the narrator's ending to this story. I doubt if the writer gave it's blessing. I think Ms. Grimes mentions the criminals being caught because it would not play well to an audience if George Wallably got away. What do you guys think?


Hate an annoying, arrogant, sneaky co- worker at your office? This little mystery is for you! I don't agree with the epilogue at all!! That epilogue is so Hollywood Code, justice always has to be served. Nope! I thought the ending was perfect as it was!


A jewel of a story. Putting this on my favorites list.


Another Wu banger with the Smuckers Jam guy. He always does a good job. I too have had sneaky, conniving coworkers. Aren’t we supposed to work together???

Scooter D

I Hate Harold too. Sneaky conniver who plots/plans behind your back to make you look bad, like what Harold consistently did to George, and then calling it harmless pranks - while flashing that fake/insincere smile, just so they can feel good about what they did. Good episode where the truly bad guy(s) didn't win.


Great story! It was nice to see our protagonist pull one over on the bad guys and his boss!

Jim K.

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