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The Case of M.J.H.


A professional swindler seduces a lonely unmarried woman who works as a psychiatrist's assistant. He persuades her to pilfer her employer's patient files in order to extort money from them.



Air Dates

  • First Run - August 22, 1974
  • Repeat - October 20, 1974





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18 Responses to Episode 0138

A good episode.


A con man seduces a lonely spinster who works for a psychiatrist. He convinces her to steal her bosses files so that he can blackmail the patients.

Krista Ranillo

A psychiatrists receptionist is single and lonely. She meets a man at a cafeteria and the two agree to meet again. We learn that the man is involved with a shady character and owes him a significant amount of money. He tells him that he will get it back for him because of a plan he has that involves the receptionist. Holy slow-moving episode…


During this episode I couldn't help but wonder what love the two main characters really could have shared. What woman would fall for such a man? I am a thief and I owe 8,000 bucks to who knows who. Sound attractive? I don't think so. I still found the story interesting enough to listen to even with the unbelievable premise. The ending more than made up for the rest of the story with a twist I didn't see coming. I thought I had this one figured out but I was wrong. Keep yourself listening to the end and you will enjoy.

Vinny Viola

There is a long history of fiction that presumes that anyone can seduce anyone for whatever nefarious purpose. "I need access to the doctor's files. No problem; I'll just seduce the receptionist." I don't want to spoil it for those who haven't heard it, but the twist ending was not only obvious, but unnecessary. Think about it; if the "twist" didn't exist, everybody's fate would still have been exactly the same! Thriller, no supernatural elements.


Not exactly sure why, but I thought this to be a fantastic episode. Let's face it, even a poised, educated receptionist could fall for a scoundrel like Jimmy. That is why we have the word "scoundrel" in our vernacular. 4 stars for the episode. After two years, this episode marks the last of the 1974 episodes that I've listened to. All 180. I chatted with a guy who listened to all 1,399 episodes in less than a year. Crazy! An old radio show such as Mystery Theater can still garner such interest almost 40 years after its inception...


Yes Davy, these got my attention! I did not listen when they first came out but I'm really enjoying them now. They are really good to hear. Makes one appreciate the good old days instead of the hurry up world we live in.


A con man seduces a lonely lady and convinces her to steal her bosses files so that he can blackmail the patients.

gina schackel

I found it difficult to believe that even with the loneliness that he receptionist had that she would fall for the thief, especially after he confided what he did and how much he owed. I found it further difficult to believe that she would help him in his scheme, especially after being faithful to her employer for so long. It was an interesting twist that I didn't see coming so that was the highpoint of the episode for me.


Harry Slesar adapted his 1962 episode of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" of the same name, which had starred Robert Loggia & Barbara Baxley.


Very interesting episode! My Mom used to listen to Cbsrmt years ago and as a child the opening music/squeaking door would give me chills. Now I use them as she did to fall asleep (no disrespect intended.) I finally (after several nights ) finished this episode and it was pretty good! I gave it five stars.

Gail, daughter of original Cbsrmt fan

it happens every day.Intelligent women fall for scoundrels.I can personally vouch for this. HE played on her sympathy. Very well acted episode and one of the top 200 out of the entire series easily.By the way EG Marshall did an excellent job narrating,and I am sure that Tammy Grimes was a gigantic step down and the ratings plummeted when she took over.

Will D

What a twist of an ending!!


Matty Sheridan, a receptionist for psychiatrist Dr. Vernon Cooper, lets her new-found boyfriend, Jimmy French, talk her into stealing Cooper’s files. Jimmy comes across the case of Mr. M. J. H., whose file reveals he is married and has a young girlfriend. With Matty’s help, Jimmy contacts the man with intentions of blackmail. They find out too late that Mr. H. will go to any lengths to protect his fantasies.


A good episode to listen to with an unexpected ending. I enjoyed this one and the commercials. Even in this day and age people fall for the wrong person still looking to be loved. You just have to listen to the news to realize it. E G Marshall was great as usual!


I loved this one, the mac and cheese in the cafeteria, the hamburger meat with no buns, the desperation, the lonesomeness, I loved it!


Oh, I love this one! I love the chatty Cathy girlfriend, I love the cafeteria with the macaroni and cheese. I love the dance lessons. I love the desperation. I love the hamburger meat with no buns. I love the ending.


enjoyed it but forsaw the murder. However didn't guess Diane was a figment!


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