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The Pale Horse


When he is unexpectedly sent on a brief visit into the after-life, a dying man learns the secret surrounding the disease ravaging his body. Back in the living world, his doctor has a breakthrough.



Air Dates

  • First Run - October 8, 1982
  • Repeat - December 22, 1982





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1 Responses to Episode 1379

I rate this episode ★★★★☆ stars for GOOD. 1 of the 2 main reasons why, is because of the story. Roy Winsor wrote many mysteries involving murder (#0507-YOUR GRADE IS A) and the Supernatural (#0802-THE GOLDEN AMULET) and even combining them into one episode. But for this story, was a little far-fetched. The concept of the protagonist that interacts with those in the afterlife was a good idea. But explaining that spiritual moment back in the real world, without evidence, isn’t going to be believable enough for those that hear it. As for the antagonist who got busted in the finale, not only her punishment should be behind bars, but also end up in the same place where her husband was: The Death Coach where she has to ride it for all eternity and her only companions are her dead father, her dead boyfriend, and the Pale Horse. “Death Coach” would be another great title for this, but “The Pale Horse” works as well. The 2nd reason why I rate this 4 out of 5, is the because of the Host. In her Prologue, Tammy Grimes introduces our main character. In ACT-1, start the story off with a Bible verse (Book of Revelation 6:8) and reveal that this episode’s theme is Death. Afterwards, the motives for murder, but also calling out the antagonist that she’s deranged for planning a murder. In ACT-2, details on out-of-body-experiences. In ACT-3, stating that are the Known & Unknown Laws for out-of-body experiences, but Tammy Grimes didn’t reveal what they are. After the finale, she finishes the story off with a quote by philosopher George Henry Lewes. In her Epilogue, explaining what prudence, rejection, and ambition can lead up to. Tammy Grimes’ narrations were half good and half so-so. I think she should’ve ended it with a Resolution as to where the main character would go when he finally reaches to his demise. Sound effects of the flow of oxygen supply, doors, tableware clinking, piano music playing at the restaurant, footsteps, doorbell, wheels of the death coach, horses neighing and galloping, telephone, and howling wind were very supportive. As for the music, great choices of dramatic tunes, particularly the dark & eerie music at the 20:22 mark that went on for 5 minutes straight. But also, a great choice of cast members: Mandel Kramer (as Gilbert Lang and Mike Dennis), Earl Hammond (as Dr. Ned Eaton and Julian Roberts), Elspeth Eric (as Addie Holland and Phone Operator), Marian Seldes (as Donna Lang). SPECIAL NOTE: Himan Brown plays the part of Sergeant Morris. Great work from Mandel Kramer and Earl Hammond for each playing 2 roles. Marian Seldes was awesome for playing the main villain. But big props to Elspeth Eric in her 2nd to last acting performance on CBSRMT. Until next time…pleasant dreams. =0)


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