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A Pair of Green Eyes


Murder, mayhem and a lost jewel become the main clues to uncover the truth behind an archaeologist's death.



Air Dates

  • First Run - August 10, 1982
  • Repeat - November 15, 1982





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2 Responses to Episode 1359

This was a great story of justice and retribution. Lilly, the adulterous murderer gets hers. 4 stars.


I rate this episode ★★★★☆ for GOOD. I would give Arnold Moss props on this story he wrote; involving murder & jewel smuggling. However, the 3rd Act went on a down slope, particularly the demise of the character he played. As for the woman who became an antagonist, she should’ve gotten a different punishment for her crimes, like removing her eyes with the sacred powers of the emerald gems or something. In our Host’s Prologue, Tammy Grimes starts it off with a quote from the Roman Poet Virgil. In ACT-1, meet our characters who are exploring the cultures of primitive society in South America. Afterwards, with 2 characters killed it, what will be the outcome? In ACT-2, a brief history of human sacrifices. Afterwards, a brief history lesson about Gonzalo Jiménez Quesada who traveled to Columbia in the 1500’s. In ACT-3, dig deeper about emerald gems. In the end, the Climax of our leading lady who gets taken away for her crimes. In her Epilogue, Tammy Grimes babbles on about the islands and emerald gems, but no Resolution to our story. No concrete finale of what happens to the other characters or what happens to those that are involved with the Emerald Mines. The sound effects of pottery breaking, footsteps, fishing boat engine, fish line, doors, background noise at Customs, papers, opening of the casket lid, ocean waves at the beach, seagulls, rotary phone ringing, birds chirping, drinking glasses, thunder, howling wind, opening luggage, and pen knife cutting through the suntan bottle were superb. So many effects that supported this story wonderfully. The music, with a variety of dramatic tunes, worked well. And finally, our cast: Teri Keane (as Lily Lawson), Arnold Moss (as Don Luis Herrera/Linka and Customs Officer), Russell Horton (as Cesar/Officer Mendoza, Hector Camacho and the Old Man), and Robert Kaliban (as Shep Lawson and Customs Inspector). Our leading actress was terrific in her performance and the guys were remarkable for their numerous roles. Tune in to this if you like mystery stories involving murder & jewel smuggling. Until next time…pleasant dreams.


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