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Matching Chairs


Cursed chairs haunt a pair of brothers. Their sibling rivalry comes to a head when one evening, while relaxing in the wing chairs, the young degenerate brother tells him that that the chair he is sitting on has a unique ability to kill.



Air Dates

  • First Run - June 23, 1982
  • Repeat - September 23, 1982





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8 Responses to Episode 1342

Really good story! Very suspenseful and entertaining.


While this is not among the best programmes the RMT has to offer, it is a fun study of the concept of contrasts and opposites. The two brothers: one a level headed, clear-thinker; the other a compulsive, irrational and impatient brat. I don't usually condone violence as a solution of discipline, but at one point during this tale, I had wished the level headed brother had just butt-whooped the annoying brother. But, through the strange events, just desserts were served and with a humorous, dark twist at the end. As a study, it was interesting to see how in human behavior there truly are two sides to most points of view. Even here on this website while we contrast opinions on shows, we also exhibit our points of view on everything from film, to sports, to music. I think it's what makes our world so wonderful, yet so powerfully strained. Even the recent US elections showed us clearly that the United States is divided by contrast... more than one hundred years after our Civil War. Light versus dark, loud versus silent, large versus small. It's the night and day of our world that this story is written under and I think Elspeth Eric did a nice job at fitting it all together, as well as a special performance as well! I gave this one a 4.6, a fine production as always.

Allister L.

I don't care for most of Eric's work because I think she is more character driven than plot driven in most cases. However, her antagonist in this story is creepy enough to make it worth listening to. I gave it a four.


Carol Teitel and Elspeth Eric used their voices brilliantly in this one. Ms Teitel was very convincing as the young, blonde girl and as the housekeeper.


I don't care much for Elspeth Eric's stories, but for some reason, I liked "Matching Chairs." This story rapped up nicely and left the true ending up to the listener. Nice job--4 stars.


The incessant screaming, yelling and destructive tones at 40 minutes, are so rattling, it caused have an anxiety attack! I abruptly shut it off. There's nothing redeeming about this story..its ludicrously pedantic and trite, and annoyingly shallow. Do yourself a favor, and weed your garden for 51 minutes instead.


SPOILER: Matching Chairs - "Matching Brothers". Even though Cary may appear to be the level-headed brother, his anxiety and "hate" for having to "take care of the little one" was displayed internally making him look rational. On the other-hand, while Troy's behavior was irrational - violently insulting and very much in your face - he didn't mince words and told you what he felt honestly. I could be wrong, but I think when Troy said to get rid of just one of the chairs and Jessie's confession about the mix-up in the placement of the chairs, that may have been the reason Cary suffered the way he did at the end. The chairs were a complete set, just like the brothers. Just a thought. What do YOU think?


This one really creeped me out.


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