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The Woman Who Wanted to Live


A young blonde witnesses the escape of a convicted felon from a maximum-security prison and the brutal slaying of a guard. When the killer attempts to silence her, she manages to convince him to take her along as a companion instead.



Air Dates

  • First Run - June 14, 1982
  • Repeat - September 13, 1982





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12 Responses to Episode 1338

Loved that ending. It was so good i listened to it twice. Ya see they go.........

R McLeod

This is one of the stronger episodes from 1982. Just about the time you thought that a romance had been sparked, SURPRISE! 5 stars.


The Woman Who Wanted to Live is a FANTASTIC episode. Longtime great Larry Haines plays a very convincing hardened criminal who is severely wounded while breaking out of prison. Roberta Maxwell plays his hostage who begins to suffer from Stockholm Syndrome as she and her kidnapper travel the countryside hounded by the police. Even the short scene with Mystery Theater regular Russell Horton is meaningful and well developed. There are many turns in this story and just when you think you know how it's going to end, CBS Mystery Theater gives us one of the best twists ever. Afterward, I wondered how I would have managed in our heroine's situation. Like R McLeod above, I quickly listened to this great drama again. 4 out of 5 stars - JUROR #4


Roberta Maxwell carried this show so well. She is a strong, determined character. She sure knows what she is doing, and she does it well. I taped this the night it aired back in 1981. I played it to death, and it finally broke. This was a good one.


This episode is superb. This episode started to make me believe romance was in the air but had a sudden twist ending and caught me by surprise! 5 stars for this episode!

Don Heiland, Jr.

The Woman Who Wanted To Live is scary for women driving alone.


Very well-acted episode with a surprise ending. The first time I hear it, I did not see that coming! Both Larry Haines and Roberta Maxwell do a great job with the acting. I always think Larry Haines sounds too nice to be a crook, lol! Still he brings a human dimension to this killer in this episode. One of the things I like about CBSRMT is that the villains are usually quite human and believable, not cookie-cutter, two dimensional, zombie villains, (which gets old after a while).


My gosh, those two would-be rapists he saved her from were actually worse than the killer, lol! I was surprised she wasn't more grateful when Larry Haine's character saved her from that, lol! They were a couple of creepy jerks and they give me a chill to the bone. Too bad they had to remind me that there really are people like that in real life. Brrrr!


Very good story line with an unexpected ending. This one is a keeper.


Good episode. Nice twist at the end.


Love This One! What a Great story for around the Fire. Also I Remember hearing this when I was just a kid of 11 yrs old camping with my 2 older Brothers. Thank You For all of these as I listen every Night b4 bed! CBSRMT is the Ticket that takes me away for a bit.


Cash is right on. I listened to CBSRMT from 7th grade until junior year of high school. I have struggled with insomnia most of my life but I found this excellent website and have been sleeping better than ever. I play an episode through my Bose noise canceling headphones and usually fall asleep during it. Takes several nights to get through!


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