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The Different People


An anthropologist stumbles across a letter written during the Civil War indicating that a group of veterans may have discovered the secret of immortality. In order to validate the information, he tries to locate the whereabouts of the soldiers named in the missive.



Air Dates

  • First Run - May 21, 1982
  • Repeat - August 27, 1982





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12 Responses to Episode 1331

A nice episode with an interesting concept. This 1982 episode was recorded from a Detroit radio station, with a commercial that mentions the Troy Motor Mall and an Apple Computer instructional seminar held near Telegraph and Maple Road.

Scott Kuzma

What a distinct episode. Very enjoyable with a strange ending. Reminded me of M. Knight Shamalamadingdong's "The Village." 5 stars.


The radio station in question that this episode was broadcast on would be WWJ.

John Lawton

"The Different People" is just the beginning of a rollicking good story. Christopher Tabori shines as the professor out to find the hiding place of the immortals. Arnold Moss, who wrote the story, is tops as Captain Partridge who's trying to protect his clan. The ending is shocking but less so because it's a shadow of things that have really happened to cult groups since this play was recorded. Typical of Arnold Moss stories, there are enough loose ends to construct a sequel but best leave that to your own imagination


Holy plot holes, Batman! For starters, the first indication that Alan "Bick" Bixby might be one of "the Partridge family" was that he fell off a cliff unscathed.


I rate this episode ★★★☆☆ for AVERAGE. This reminds me of Ep. #0111-YESTERDAY’S MURDER and Ep. #1391-PORTRAIT OF THE PAST where the storyline in the 1st Act was getting good and then things got way better in the 2nd Act, but then it became puzzling in the 3rd Act. The ending didn’t come down to a crashing halt, but it definitely went into another direction. Arnold Moss deserved credit for writing a mystery story that involves anthropology, the Civil War, Bible scripture references, and old technology VS new technology. But still, his ending for this could’ve been better. The Title of this is OK, but a better title would be “New Jerusalem.” The music was really entertaining. So many tunes that expressed nostalgia, adventure, yearning goals, and many surprises. The sound effects were suitable. Like the footsteps, footlocker chest, packets of letters, birds cawing, pony footsteps, pony neighing, gunfire, howling wind, tripping on the rocks, photo camera clicked, radio frequency, the photograph developed, rapid river, flipping of the Bible pages, shotgun fired, and reloaded. However, the sound the howling wolf in the 2nd Act wasn’t required. And since the characters talked about the other immortals that live in the mountains, shouldn’t there be a sound effect of them murmuring in the background? Now, onto our Host. In her Prologue, Tammy Grimes talks about Biologists, death, and the human body (OK introduction). In ACT-1, not only she mentions the definition of Anthropology, but introduces us our main characters. In ACT-2, she mentions modern medicine. But more importantly, she says, “To grow old is the master work of wisdom and one of the most difficult chapters in the great art of living (Pretty good narration). At the end of ACT-3, she informs the listeners that our main character is tormented by the knowledge that it was his own curiosity that brought New Jerusalem to its end. Not bad for a closing narration. But then in her Epilogue, she mentions the play “Back To Methuselah” by George Bernard Shaw. It’s a mystery as to why that story is compared to this one. Now onto our cast: Kristoffer Tabori (as Alan “Bick” Bixby), Jada Rowland (as Susannah Partridge), Arnold Moss (as Captain Timothy Partridge and the Indian Guide), and Russell Horton (as Jerry Hansen and Radio Reporter). Russell Horton was good. Kristoffer Tabori nailed his role terrifically. Jada Rowland is my favorite actress on CBSRMT and this was a decent role for her. Arnold Moss did very well as his role of the Civil War Captain. But his role as the Indian Guide? Not that well. Good try, though, but his acting voice is good for play high-powered characters. Anyway, check this episode out if you enjoy the works of any of these 4 actors. And if you love radio commercials, this episode has: Pat Summerall for True Value Hardware stores, Country Time Lemonade, Boy-Oh-Boy Designer Suit Store, Armour Hot Dogs, Interfaith Hunger Appeal at P.O. Box 1000 N.Y. 10150, Syntech, Metamucil Sweepstakes, CBS-TV ads for “One Day At A Time,” “Alice,” and “The Price Is Right,” Troy Motor Mall, White-Westinghouse, Peace Corps., Dreyfus Liquid Assets, and Charles Schwab. Until next time…pleasant dreams. =0]


Since we Pat Summerall every night in some commercial on Mystery Theater, I thought a little tribute would be nice. i can still hear him in my head "Hi this is Pat Summerall" and his voice for "True Value Hardware"


I truely love cbs radio mystery i I have listened to this live on radio when i I was a kid. It wasnt wasn’t popular at my age group but always always loved it. I still listen especially love the commercials. It was a special time period. I wish we still had this now especially during this time. I cant say enough in how much that radio show meant.


Summerall had a great voice for ACE Hardware commercials. He had a great voice for radio. Jack Buck and Pat Sumerall doing the CBS television football games...then it became Sumerall and Tom Bookshier


Pat Summerall had a great voice for radio; he's the reason I still go to ACE Hardware (because of his commercials). I truely love cbs radio mystery i I have listened to this live on radio when i I was a kid. It wasn’t popular at my age group but always always loved it. I still listen especially love the commercials. It was a special time period. I am glad we still had this now especially during this time.


Story with the potential that goes awry. Needed to develop more why the main character was so innately aware of the possibility. Secondly no anthropologist would storm into a community with reporters and helicopters etc.

J Nicolosi

At the end, an announcer says “this is WBBM Chicago” so maybe the Detroit recording has been replaced. I did like the $5000 computer! Also like Arnold Moss. He was great in the original Star Trek episode “Conscience of the King”.


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