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Tourist Trap


A couple in the middle of a much-needed vacation encounters a minor accident on the highway. They make a quick stop to the town of Downville for gas and a quick check-up. When the local mechanic informs them that the car needs major work that will take a few days to accomplish, the man begins to suspect something fishy is taking place.



Air Dates

  • First Run - May 10, 1982
  • Repeat - August 16, 1982





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12 Responses to Episode 1326

Is it a dream or not? Hard to tell. A great episode, especially thanks to the characters from "Downsville", who you can definitely visualize.


Harry Meeker, a big city lawyer, and his wife Ruth, have a car accident and end up seeking refuge in the little town of Downsville. When they try to leave the town, they find their every effort thwarted. What is the mystery this town is hiding? This falls into the category of "strange small town" stories (e.g. "Sleepy Village," "The Summer People," and "A Holiday Visit") and is fairly good, though the ending is a little too reminiscent of several Twilight Zone episodes. Genre: Mystery


Fantastic episode. 5 stars. Again, Mystery Theater kind of had me confused between reality or a dream. Great story and acting.


I wonder if Douglas Dempsey got the idea of writing this CBSRMT episode from watching 3 episodes of THE TWILIGHT ZONE series: "Walking Distance," "Come Wander With Me," and "Back There." "Walking Distance" had the main character leave his car with a mechanic as he walks into town, just like our main characters did in this story. "Come Wander With Me" had the main character's name written on a gravestone, just like our main characters had in this story. And "Back There" had the main character bring back an object from the beyond, just like our main character did in this story. Pretty good combination. Tammy Grimes as the Host was suitable for this role, especially when she quotes William Faulker, compares John Milton's Paradise Lost to this tale, and learn the history about the virtues on the afterlife. However, at one point, she tried to compare Richard III's quote, "My kingdom for a horse" with the main character's serious situation by saying, "My practice for a car." Good try, but not quite epic. The sound effects of the motor running, rainstorm, tires screeching, car crash, gas station ringing, car horn honk, radiator hissing, bell ringing, birds chirping, door knocking, snoring, cop car motor running, sound of the supply bag, wire cutters, gate opening, coat hanger, starting the engine, guard dogs barking, and hospital tunes were terrific throughout this story. There were mystery melodies in ACT-1, a chilling tune at the 20-minute 5-second mark in ACT-2, the feel of the frightening truth at the 33-minute 33-second mark in ACT-3, and the twisted ending feel at the 41-minute 45-second mark, but it felt like it need more fantasy tunes as the mystery moved forward. And finally, I'd like to say congrats to the cast on their brilliant acting: Paul Hecht (as the corporate lawyer Harry Meeker), Teri Keane (as Ruth Meeker), Earl Hammond (as Hollis McAllister the father & auto mechanic and Albert McAllister the son & police officer), and Evie Juster (as Kay McAllister and Doctor Helen Ornish). If you're searching for a CBSRMT episode with a TWILIGHT ZONE feel and enjoy twisted endings.


I loved this episode! Ended a little unexpected but was still good! There are many shows were this was a similar theme. The movie nothing but trouble came to mind with Chevy Chase and Dan Akroid! Funny stuff!


Tourist Trap is my favorite.


My Brother & I used to listen every night on my transistor radio, while hiding under the covers. Great Memories, So happy I found this wonderful show again & get to hear all the episodes again!!!


Definitely one of the best ones. Well acted, well thought out, and well paced. I always keep coming back to this one when I need a great episode.

Dan Pearson

Some of the best were the latest ones in the series (this one, and The Smile). Like someone else said, if you've ever been to New England and especially Maine, you'll get the accents and easily visualize the people! Lot of fun, great episode.

Douggie Doolittle

Harry and Ruth Meeker are on their way to a long overdue and well-deserved vacation when a slight accident and a wrong turn into the village of “Downsville,” finds them mysteriously and frighteningly held against their wills. Harry wants some questions answered: Why can’t he and Ruth leave? Why is everyone in Downsville related? And why are there two gravestones in the town’s cemetery with Ruth and Harry’s names on them?


A very good episode with a puzzling ending. It's worth listening to, as it holds your attention with good acting and an interesting plot.


A big drive around a bunch of nothing, a story without a satisfying ending

Gary Lechner

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