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The New Man at the Yard


The freshly established Scotland Yard requests the services of novelist Charles Dickens in order to unravel the mystery surrounding an undetermined case of murder or suicide.



Air Dates

  • First Run - March 12, 1982
  • Repeat - May 27, 1982





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2 Responses to Episode 1301

Classic CBSRMT! Put this one on your list to listen to. It's 1860 and Scotland Yard has a new detective, Charles Dickens the famous author has been enlisted to help solve a murder. Your cast of characters includes a mother and her 20 year old son who own a farm in a rural area of England. Her husband passed away and now she has married a gentleman from London who has a daughter of the same age as her son. The two young people do not get along well and soon on in our adventure the young man is found dead - hanging in the barn. The handyman, trusted for many years, goes missing at the same time. The question is whether or not the young man has been murdered, committed suicide, or was the victim of some strange accident. Charles Dickens reminds us of Sherlock Holmes as he attempts to piece the puzzle together.

J. Jameson

The New Man at the Yard was a classic episode. The story focused around a murder of young Francence--a young man of 20 with a quiet history of bullying and abuse of smaller people and animals. Well, he got his. His new step-sister was the main suspect until Charles Dickens--yes, that Charles Dickens--helps the constible catch the true guilty party. Great episode--5 stars.


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