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You Only Die Once


After being widowed, Marge Miller found love in the arms of her new husband. Her peaceful life is threatened when her ex comes back from the dead demanding his share of the insurance money she received for his death.



Air Dates

  • First Run - August 8, 1974
  • Repeat - October 8, 1974





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19 Responses to Episode 0130

Great episode! I'm so glad I found this site.


Wow, this one was terrific! The dramatic voice of Marge really conveyed her stress! All of the seemingly inconsequential details fell right into place at the conclusion. One could see how Billy might have inherited his willful, tempestuous streak, hey? The only detail that was a bit distracting was the use of an adult to portray a young boy. I think a real kid would have been a better choice.


A woman is blackmailed by her former husband - a man she thought had been dead for eight years.


A husband declared dead after being lost in a diving accident turns up alive years later after his wife collected the insurance money and married a banker who is also a prominent politician seeking election as mayor. The missing man blackmails her into giving him money in exchange for his silence and getting out of her life. Turns out he was diving for stolen money that was ditched after a botched robbery attempt. He found it, blew it all, and now needs more. The woman must make some serious decisions. One downfall of most episodes with kids is that the writers and actors never quite captured authentic child’s dialogue, and adult actors can never recreate children in an authentic way – apart from The Simpsons.


Very predictable ending. I will add that "legally dead" is only a "presumption." If you're not really dead, any subsequent "remarriage" by the spouse is nullified when you reappear. Crime drama; no supernatural elements.


I didn't like this one much. the two lead actors overacted the roles to the point of annoyance.


This was a solid episode. If a spouse comes back from the dead, and they have been legally pronounced dead, if you were to shoot them, would there be any charges? Lou should have been disposed of the second he posed a threat to the family. Reminded me of that Ashley Judd movie "Double Jeopardy." The acting was just so-so and the voice of little Billy was horrible. Never-the-less, not a bad listen. 4 stars.


Holy cow, what a great episode. Great writing and the story moved well. The actors were fine, just enough emotion. Very cleaver!!!


Wow, talk about candidate for absolute Worst husband and father ever. Within 2 minutes going back and forth from threatening to cap his family, to planning for a fun weekend, to back to threatening the family. Tick tock, . . . when will comeuppance time come?


This was an okay episode, not the best, but not the worst either. The same lady who voiced Bobby Deland did this one and it was the same (annoying) voice. Luckily in this one she wasn't as prevalent. The ending was mostly predictable, but the fratricide wasn't.


The best moment in this episode is the sly reference to the "gap in the tape." It first aired the day prior to NIxon's resignation.


The kid was creepy. Adults voicing children's parts is a creepy RMT tradition.yuck.


Excellent sound quality, interesting yet ultimately predictable story. Yes, the voice of "Billy" is annoying, and it's puzzling to me why they didn't just use a child actor for the part, but it wasn't RMT's way to do so. The best part of this episode is that all the commercials are intact. I'm a huge fan of that!!! 


Lou Miller’s plan to fake his own drowning and escape with the proceeds of a bank robbery go smoothly until he loses the money by gambling, and finds himself in trouble with the law. After a successful prison break he determines to blackmail his wife Marge, who remarried after his presumed death, and her husband Howard, a successful bank executive. For the sake of Billy, their son, Marge and Howard agree but no one counts on Billy’s skill with his toy guns.


That's a great episode! Very suspenseful.


A really good episode and the storyline was suspenseful. The voice of the child was annoying to listen to. But the wrongdoer got exactly what he deserved in the end. Luckily with commercials and news, which i enjoy listening to.


Just a great episode. story is well grounded and the actors superb!


What a great episode - but is also is a historical evening because August 8, 1974 was the night that Richard Nixon resigned as President of the United States. So glad that this episode includes the news program before the episode. It brings you right back in time to that time. TAKE A LISTEN TO THE NEWS BEFORE THE PROGRAM.

Paul Liberti

Near miss, but one too many problems. Good, strong setup. But the problems -- what happened to the villain was telegraphed way too obviously. The woman playing the boy was insufferable. The corruption of the "happily ever after" ending was appalling (but, of course, he'll return the insurance money). Also, how brain damaged is the 8 yo who won't realized he killed a guy? Ludicrous. You set up a moral dilemma that was interesting, but wrap everything up so tidy you pulled your punches. Fatal flaw in the drama. (And I get the limitations here, but if you can't get someone, child actor or gifted adult voice actor, to do a kid voice, don't write a kid character. Just - don't. That woman baby talking was unbearable to listen to.)


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