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Invaders from Atlantis


After finally gaining control of the major cities, the alien invaders send their agent to the small town of Parson's Corner. Once there, Mr. Gordon gains the cooperation of the townsfolk, and falls in love with Katherine, the local schoolteacher along the way.



Air Dates

  • First Run - February 24, 1982
  • Repeat - May 4, 1982





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13 Responses to Episode 1294

This episode was not at all what I was expecting; but it was a pleasent surprise as the ending was pretty good. The "Gorgon" represented an alien race that came to interact with mankind, but just ended up exploiting and manipulating those who opposed him--sounds original so far, NOT! The episode concentrates on how mankind will get control of the planet back. It was original and even thought provoking at the end. It was an average listen. Interesting note: I was thinking of how I missed the commercials and news feeds from most of the episodes of the seventies. For example, listen to episode #1 "The Old Ones are Hard to Kill," the commercials and news feeds were better than the story itself. This episode had a brief news feed about the Great Britain/Falkland Island/Argentina skermish in 1982. I remember thinking as a kid that I was living through a war. Amusing. It is fun recollecting the time that Mystery Theater was airing.

Davy Joe

The agent of an occupying alien army finds humans to be interesting, but trying creatures who are hard to control.

Nap F.

Great story. I'm certainly not an expert on sci-fi but this program was very interesting to me and it kept my attention. I noted there was a reference to the space shuttle as common transportation mechanism which I found to be interesting since the first space shuttle launched 4/21/81, less than a year before this program debuted.


This is one of the most interesting episodes I have yet listened to. First I was struck by how the invasion was more just an occupation, because the townspeople did not seem terrified, merely resigned to control and humiliation. I guess this fits well with the notion of the small town, off the beaten path, not so terribly important to the invaders. I liked the narration format of the story. In considering the end of the show, I find I have to put myself in the spirit of the time it was broadcast, in the early '80's. By this time we were past alot of the hand-wringing about the Vietnam war etc. and the economy was beginning to blast off, we had been thru the Bicentennial and spirits were pretty high. People had strong notions of liberty and prosperity that fit well with the colonial experience which came to the fore at the end of the show. This is also the latest show in the series I have listened to, I had not heard a show hosted by Tammy Grimes but I think it works quite well with her. So this show is a great introduction to the last season and another excellent show.


I liked this episode. It really did have a different twist at the end that I liked. It is the first show that I have heard that had Tammy Grimes as narrator. She did fine, but I do like EG Marshal or Himan Brown better.

Kris Klosterman

I thought this episode was ok. I picked it so those who had never listened to a Tammy Grimes episode could listen to one. I also wanted a 1982 episode to allow everybody a standard of comparison between new and old stories. I had not listened to it before and picked it because the title sounded interesting and I know this one is heavily traded on P2P services. Arnold Moss was great. Everybody else was ok, but I thought the story was so-so. Everything about it was predictable. Still, it wasn't unpleasant to listen to and I didn't mind.

Archimedes T.

This is my first opinion for the Show of the Week. I gave this only a 3 in the poll. The story theme was interesting but it lacked any real suspense or mystery. The ending was too happy with everyone that was "zapped" essentially coming back to life. And my main criticism is that after making the Atlantians out to be evil dictators the hero comes back from Atlantis and talks about how beautiful and marvelous it was, and then describes the justice stsyem. By the time he was done I thought that maybe the backward, ignorant, provincial earthlings should have submitted to their betters. It seemed to cloud up the message. I thought the acting was surperb and as this was the first time I heard Tammy Grimes narrarate I was bowled over by her voice. What would have been good is if EG Marshall and Tammy Grimes could co-host trading droll, macabre witticisms like James Garner and Mariette Hartley did in those Kodak commercials.

P. Smith

This is my first attempt at the show of the week. I admit not having listened to much CBSRMT lately (or any OTR for that matter) so it's fun to get back into my favorite show again! I liked this one but I must say I'm *rarely* picky. The only one thing that struck me as odd was that it wasn't EG Marshall. I didn't remember there being another person doing the narrating (oh wait, there was Himan Brown). I thought it was a fun program and it kept me guessing as to what would become of that little town--especially the fiancee and then wife of the Atlantis alien. Edited to add: I gave it a 4 holding out for whatever becomes my favorite. I also took note of the space shuttle and did some quick math in my head to see if they came up with that name for space travel or if it was in the time where it was being talked about. I forgot for a bit that the air date was in the 80's.


I give this episdode a 4. I enjoy any kind of science fiction and this one had a decent plot. The only part that didnt really make sense to me was being vaporized and coming back to life later in the episode. Tammy Grimes sets a bit of a different mood than E.G.does when he narrates.

M. Hanopol

One of the ones I recorded as a kid. Still have the original tape too! A great episode as far as I'm concerned. Hard to believe it has been 21 years since I taped it! I have heard it so much, I probably have it memorized. As for the "vaporizing", I always compared it to the "teleporting" like on Star Trek. The people weren't killed, just "moved" somewhere else. I heard most of the TG episodes when they were originally aired. She is "old hat" to me.

J. Roswell

Loved E.G. Marshall's introductions ......sometimes as much or more than the episodes themselves.




I found this episode just plain silly.


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