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The Mysterious Slumber


Set in the 18th century, Mary Reynolds awakens from a coma with amnesia and exhibits a total reinvention of character, much to the surprise of her family.



Air Dates

  • First Run - February 3, 1982
  • Repeat - April 1, 1982





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6 Responses to Episode 1285

First let me state that this was a great episode. I have often been a wee critical of Elspeth Eric's work in Mystery Theater. She writes with a very familiar, whimsical style that depicts romances far more than mystery. In "The Mysterious Slumber" Eric hits a homerun. One of the reasons why she was such a success is that Eric herself played the female lead of Mary--and she did an amazing job. 4 stars.


Double Whammy! Elspeth Eric as a writer and lead actress. Of course it's phenomenal!

Gina Schackel

Description is not correct. This story takes place in the 20th century, not the 18th century. Regardless, it is a fascinating story.


Personally, I don't care for Elspeth Eric's writing, (with the exception of a few outstanding episodes she wrote). As an actress she bothers me even more. There is something about her voice and acting style that doesn't sit right with me. Of course, I realize that's just my opinion, and others may disagree with me. As for the story, it bothers me that it is written as though there is something wrong with with a shy, quiet girl. The story seems to imply that you have to be an outgoing, extrovert in order to be likeable. No no one seems to like Mary the way she was, so no wonder Mary has problems, lol! I personality prefer Mary as the sensitive, shy person she was, and when she becomes an extrovert, she really gets cocky. I also don't like her attitude about the bear in the woods, (because I am an animal lover). It's as if all of Mary's natural empathy and sensitivity go away and she becomes a nasty, conceited, insensitive person. I don't know why this is held up as a virtue in the story because I don't see it as an improvement at all. At least the story keeps you listening.


Follow up, It's true that Mary was bitter and negative before, but I feel it's because she was depressed. Also, I think she was in love with a man who preferred her pretty cousin, so she was jealous. It's sad that her parents didn't seem to love her unless she was happy and chipper.


Is this Elspeth Eric as Mary? If so, I am shocked that she, being a 70+ year old woman at this time, can sound like a teenager!


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