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Dickens of Scotland Yard


During an on-going investigation into the activities of a cheating spouse, Scotland Yard is assisted by the creative Charles Dickens.



Air Dates

  • First Run - January 28, 1982
  • Repeat - March 25, 1982





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6 Responses to Episode 1283

Nice little historical thriller, somewhat in the style of the stuff that Imagination Theatre does nowadays.


Nice little historical mystery story. Earl Hammond's voice was tremendous as Inspector Field and Paul Hecht did a nice job as Charles Dickens. It's just that I wished it was a better mystery story like CBSRMT's adaptations to the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories. But still, you should check this episode since it was E.G. Marshall's final episode.


Story about the youthful philanderer Tallyhoe Thompson told through the words of Charles Dickens. I appreciated the "brotherly twist" in act 3. Just an OK listen. 3 stars. It was only after this episode that I realized how many stories Charles Dickens wrote. Truly one of the most powerful authors in history.


The most important part of this episode for me is the lengthy music at the end. When I listened to Mystery Theater on my old radio with the knobs, as a kid, cozily in bed, I did not want the hour to end, I loved it so much. I would be so sad when act three would start because I knew it was almost over. After the third act was over, and EGMarshall returned for his final comments and Pleasant Dreams statement, the closing music would play and I loved when it would keep going, I wished it would never end- This is one of the few times the music kept going for an extended period and you get to hear the whole track!! Yay! Finally found the rare episode that the extended music played!!!! Thank you!!!


I totally agree with you. Loved this as a kid and was so excited I found it last year, I had forgotten all about it. And when you do get the news in addition to music it makes it so much more interesting! Every night I usually listen to about two of them. The second one I usually have to listen to again the next day but I don't mind it's because I've fallen asleep to soothing CBS radio mystery theater. :) Take good care !


It was hard to overlook that the Dickens character did not sound remotely the way I imagine Dickens sounded.


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