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The Last Orbit


Plagued by visions of a woman claiming to be from another galaxy, an astronaut is more than surprised when she makes her presence known aboard his ship.



Air Dates

  • First Run - January 8, 1982
  • Repeat - March 11, 1982





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16 Responses to Episode 1274

Without a doubt, my favorite episode on Mystery Theater. In short, an astronaut is sure that he is hearing and even seeing a beautiful woman while in space. Luna, the lovely alien he is experiencing frightens the astronaut at first as he questions her objectives with him, but she has a wonderful task for him to complete for the rest of his life. It reminds me of a recent beer commercial where a ship of female alien beauties come to earth and make contact with an average Jo. That was a big hint with my apologies. Another aspect of this episode that was great was the use of tangible sound effects. Science Fiction episodes on CBSMT are weak, but not in this episode. If you have never heard an episode of Mystery Theater, make this one your first.

Davy Joe

I listened to the episode THE LAST ORBIT today at the office while engaged in some of the least pleasant activities a synthesis chemist deals with. The show stars Larry Haines as a Shuttle astronaut who is about to retire after his last mission. He is visited by an alien being who has ideas about how his retirement will go. The show may seem a little far fetched at times, clearly borrowing from some basic science ficion elements which by modern day standards seem cliche, but hey this is the Mystery Theatre and it was written more than 20 years ago! It is also interesting to see how the writer (Douglass Dempsey. Dempsy?) viewed where the Shuttle program would evolve relative to where is it today. Entertaining episode... Definitely worth a listen! I think you will also like the only other episode I am aware of by this writer: POSTAGE DUE.


This play is a futuristic tale about a space shuttle commander who cut a deal with a woman during his first shuttle flight. He's preparing for his final flight when the woman comes to collect on the debt. The commander fails to remember the deal but the woman persists and reminds him of his duty.


I was hoping for a follow up episode to this one or at least a couple of minutes of "the rest of the story". What happens when they get back to her planet, hmmm


Didn't know if Luna was real or imaginary. The music in ACT 2 was dark & mystifying; well done. I wish there was an ACT 4 to the story where Emit meets the rest of the females on Planet Argon that want to mingle with him. Check this Episode out, everybody. =0)


This one reminded me of an old sci-fi movie...wasn't it starring Zaa Zaa Gabor as the queen of a planet inhabited by women? Enjoyed this episode!


The film was called "Queen of Outer Space" (1958)


I rate this episode 4 out of 5 space suits! I enjoyed it very mush it kind-of reminded me of an old audio version of a short story by Ray Bradbury... I suppose it reminds me of his style. I liked it very much and I am with Scott Benson in that I wanted more! Maybe that was the intent. :)


I'm a huge Larry Haines fan. I remember him in episodes of a great sci-fi radio series called "X-1" and always enjoy his performances on Mystery Theater. Charismatic and adaptable over a broad range of roles, Haines's solidly masculine but endearingly vulnerable voice embodies the best of the twilight of radio's Golden Years for me. In kind of a silly premise in THE LAST ORBIT, Haines demonstrates why he is a radio great. Through a scant and repetitive script he manages to carry the listener's interest just over the finish line. The other member of the astronaut duo is Russell Horton's character. Often I feel Horton's style does not match well with his ubiquitous roles throughout the Mystery Theater series; he's not a "tough guy" though constantly made out to be. Here the character of a young space "apprentice" is a good match for his style, and he pairs well with Haines. Silly and a bit dull at times, the story seemed to struggle to fill 45 minutes. I enjoyed the transformation of Marian Seldes's character from seemingly nefarious black widow to vulnerable femme as her feelings for Haines evolve. I recommend THE LAST ORBIT for a one-time listen, but don't go in with great expectations. Three stars out of five - JUROR # 4


For Radio Mystery Theater listeners seeking space-themed sci-fi episodes other than LAST ORBIT, look up PRISONER OF THE MACHINES. It's one of my Top Three favorite episodes of all time! John Lithgow is simply spectacular! - JUROR #4 (PS: The other two in my Top Three are MURDER PREFERRED and FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER)


Classic sci-fi at its best! Well written and well acted! I enjoyed "Prisoner of the Machines" as well!

Alan Ramon

Hi fans of CBS radio misterytheatre - few months go I discovered this programmme and beeing an old man (66) I feel much younger. Ghost stories are so fsntstic.I learned English almost twenty years ago living in Poland and only once went to the USA in 2005.


Lorenz..Welcome to the family of CBSRMT fans! it's great to hear from fans around the world. Makes earth feel a little cozier... As usual, Juror #4 nailed it in his review. Nuff said.


I just started listening to Mystery Theatre a couple of weeks ago. Think I’ve already heard about a dozen of them...@ least! I was using my earphones to keep to myself, but, after I told my hubby about a few good, he’s telling me to “wait till HE can listen w/me.” LOL. Luv the suspense & creaky door... must be awfully BIG!


Sharon - Thanks for sharing the personal story about listening with your hubby. I listen to old radio shows by earpiece almost every night. CBS Radio Mystery Theater and The Man Called X are my favorites. When my wife can't sleep, we share the two ear buds and listen... until one of us forgetfully rolls over and rips the other's out of their ear :) Juror #4.

Juror #4

I absolutely love all of the scifi here on this site, as well as the murder mysteries and ghost stories. The Ice Palace (774) was one of my favorites that I played over and over all day!

Jim K.

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