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Lovely People


In order to help them develop self-confidence, a therapist uses seemingly esoteric powers but her sister has mischief on her mind.



Air Dates

  • First Run - August 14, 1981
  • Repeat - November 11, 1981





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5 Responses to Episode 1233

A therapist likes to mix in her supposed talent for fortune-telling in order to boost the confidence of her clients. When a young man comes to her desparate for some good news, she fortells that he will wed a wealthy woman. All seems well until his new bride mysteriously dies. An interesting story with a nice performance by Kim Hunter. Genre: Drama

Wally M.

I like this episode very much. As Wally wrote, just above me, Kim Hunter gave a very nice performance as the seemingly bored and put-upon therapist-fortune teller, Tamara. Russell Horton did as well, coming off as perfectly awkward and, er, socially challenged. I loved all the talk of the sweets Tamara would make for Horton's character to give his boss, the woman he is trying to woo ("gateau Robert" and "Nesselrode pudding." I have no idea what they are, but hearing those names makes me hungry LOL). As an aside, what Tamara says when beginning her soothsaying duplicates dialogue found in Elspeth Eric's "The Clairvoyant" -- that bit that goes, " I'm going to let my mind go foraging into the future, seeking out the secrets, hunting through time and space for happenings that never were, crises that never occurred yet are bound to occur, circumstances for which the stage was set eons ago..."


This is a very interesting, strange Twisted Tale, of not very lovely people!


Rambling episode but very enjoyable! One of the better ones.


Rita Gam died on March 22, 2016

Michael Feaster

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