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The Orphaned Heart


A drunk-driving accident causes a woman to lose the use of her limbs. Her fiance is guilt-stricken and decides to push through with their wedding. Determined to set things right, his paraplegic wife concocts the perfect plan to set him free from their sham marriage.



Air Dates

  • First Run - August 5, 1981
  • Repeat - November 4, 1981





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4 Responses to Episode 1230

Susan should have not faked her death, but what's done is done. She loved David enough to let him go unselfishly. That is the good in her. And her Aunt is also unselfish for caring for Susan & always being there for her.


As a service to men who might want to listen. Warning, this is a pure chic flick soap opera. The producer must have run out of macabre mystery scripts and borrowed this script from the daytime TV soap 'As The Stomach Turns'. All the ingredients, love of an unobtainable man, woman dying on a hospital bed, doctors saying, "We must use all our medical skills so that this woman can live and get married to her true love!' The actors even talk like the way they talk on the soaps. I struggled through all that with even the soap opera string music playing and all, until E.G. Marshall came on and summarized about finding true love and marriages etc, until E.G. Marshall said something that stunned me! "I shall return with Act 2 in just a moment." OMG! I thought that was the entire 60 minutes already and it was finally over. "I shall return with Act 2 in just a moment." Be warned fellow men.


Wow! You mean this is not Elspeth Eric's story? I was so sure it would have to be her script, lol! :D It seems David really did love his wife. I think his love for her grew. He just needed time to realize how much she meant to him.


Last night, I experienced several rounds of dozing and awakening to blanched dialogue and mechanical voices in the foreground of a backdrop devoid of action, interest, and mystery. I finally fell asleep. When I awakened this morning, I listened to the entire story while editing and organizing my bookmarks and photographs. I needed to have something entertaining to do while this prattle was in my ear. I did not care about any of the characters or what befell them. The actors sounded as though they took turns blathering into a microphone after having been starched motionless except for their mouths. How did this stuff make the RMT cut?


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