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The Terrifying Gift


After wandering into the den of a fortune teller, she is surprised by the woman's claims that she is her long lost granddaughter. With her dying breath the mystic gives her the ability to predict the future. She soon comes to realize that the gift comes with a heavy price.



Air Dates

  • First Run - April 22, 1981
  • Repeat - July 21, 1981





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8 Responses to Episode 1188

I went into this story with low expectations because I'm not a fan of tales about fortune tellers. This story held my interest and up until the very end, I wasn't sure of the conclusion. I don't want to give anything away but I wish the end went a different way. Sometimes things end up badly and sometimes good. When the writer doesn't choose the right path, it ends up hurting the overall effectiveness of the tale.

Vinny Viola

I agree. It's as if the producer said okay, we're at 52 minutes, wrap it up now.

Bill King

This is a great episode! Supernatural elements and a very compelling storyline really keep the interest! Five stars!


I don't quite understand why the woman was so upset at gaining second site. I'd be thrilled!

Phillip M.

This was a very interesting episode, well written and well acted. But the problem is, as someone else commented, that it was never really explained why she was so resentful of her powers! It's difficult to understand why someone wouldn't want to know the future!


I think the way her nagging, milquetoast husband kept demanding stock-market tips had someting to do with it.

Bill King

the prospect of having the 2nd sight, in my opinion, isn't all that it's made out to be. As for the reason she doesn't want the 2nd sight, which isn't given in the story, I believe, is left for the listen to decide. Yes, it'd be good if we could know about, i.e., the 9/11 attacks, or the bombing of Pearl Harbor Naval Base, or the Titanic's ordeal with the iceberg in advance, but some things are just meant to be & u can't change it. Consider this.....who'd listen 2 u if u tried 2 spread the alarm? They'd look at u like u had 2 heads.


No, having second sight wouldn't be a gift to me either. Now, if I was able to see into the future and then prevent something from happening, I guess there would be some benefit to that. (But, if I stopped something from happening, then I would never be sure that it would have happened). Now, if I could have saved a loved one from going on an airplane that was going to crash, and he/she didn't go on it, that would be one thing. (But then I might feel remorse that I couldn't have stopped the plane from taking off at all - but then again, no one would believe than that the plan would have crashed). Now, what if I could see that 9-11 was going to happen, but I could do nothing to stop it? Now, I would just have more time to worry about something, and no one to commiserate with about it. Now, let's say I had this power, and I was able to prevent things from happening - and people actually believed that I could do so. My guess is that I would gain such a reputation that my life would be nothing more than lines of people at my door asking me if I could see into their futures for guidance. No, I think, I'll just go on with my life of not knowing the future and being surprised each day at what awaits me.

jim shane

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