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The Question


A retired actress encounters a spirit who makes an unusual request when she returns to her childhood home by the sea. She relents to the creature's desire to paint her, and this sets both the woman and her elderly caretaker on a journey of self-discovery.



Air Dates

  • First Run - November 5, 1980
  • Repeat - January 23, 1981





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11 Responses to Episode 1133

A star of the stage retires to return to the home of her birth only to be confronted by ghosts of the past.


Another weird tale from Elspeth Eric.


This one is pretty lame. Elspeth Eric phoned this one in. Teri Keane really over acts in it as well.


Teri Keane is excellent as an actress returning to her childhood home by the sea. Hoping to find herself, she instead encounters a strange man who claims to be her biggest fan. He asks to paint her picture and the caretaker snaps a photo of him. He turns out to be a ghost and there are more haunting her childhood home. What will she do?


Not a whole lot happens plot wise, but the suspense in this episode is great. Actress, Teri Keane definitely amped up the drama in this episode. When the ghost was out on the cliff shooting a machine gun it made me laugh.


I found "The Question" to be quite a random and disjointed story but at times endearing. I'm not sure what point writer Elspeth Eric intended in this narrative, but Teri Keane is my all-time favorite CBS RMT actor and she carries this strange story fairly well. There is an interesting series of switches throughout the story among the characters as narrators. Kristoffer Tabori begins narrating the story, and is followed later by Keane, and then by Robert Dryden. I don't recall anything like that in any CBS RMT episode. Specifically, the hand-off in narration from Keane to Dryden is striking, represents a dramatic shift in the story from a woman elegantly searching the unknown depths of her heart (Keane) to a rather clumsy attempt to explain the injection of more absurd paranormal activity (Dryden). Though wooden, the interplay between the retired stage actor (Keane) and her ghost admirer (Kristoffer Tabori) has a charming quality. Perhaps being overly generous, I give 'The Question' 3 stars out of 5. JUROR 4


Did I miss something? I just didn't get this story at all. I usually love anything Elspeth Eric writes but, at the end of this one I was just kinda like, "Huuuhhh?"


Schizophrenic episode about a schizophrenic actress trying to find who she really is. She returns to her childhood home and encounters a stalker fan and the ghosts in her life. Spoiler following kind of, but story ends when her manager returns to propose to her and take her back to the city. However we then switch to the house's caretaker who also sees ghosts in his life, but he photographs them, but can never get to town to develop the film. Not my favorite episode but yet it is very thought provoking. It is probably required listening in psychiatrist college.


Another boring snoozer by Elspeth Eric, lol! As soon as I tuned this episode in on internet radio, I knew it was Elspeth Eric's style right away, lol! Also, why does Teri Keane appear in so many Elspeth Eric episodes, and why does she always over act in these stories? She isn't so bad an actress when she appears in non Elspeth Eric episodes. Also, why is Elspeth Eric so obsessed with childhood issues? It is so boring when the actors monologue throughout the episode and ramble on in a dramatic voice. The monologues seem to be a particular Elspeth Eric style which is why I can almost always pinpoint her episodes right away. Even the host monologues more than usual, lol! I realize that's not his fault. He's just reading his part in the script.


Another thing I've noticed about Elspeth Eric episodes is that the characters spend a LOT of time just talking, talking, talking, lol! Don't get me wrong, I love dialogue in general and one thing I really like about CBSRMT is that the episodes are long enough to really flush out the dialogue. However, I think Elspeth Eric overdid the whole dialogue thing.


Interesting radio drama with a strong woman lead who is committed to her own well being. Having risen to stardom, she retires at her peak to return to her home by the sea. There she sympathetically encounters a literal ghost from the past.


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