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Murder Preferred


In an effort to make her husband's suicide less of an embarrassment, his widow fakes a crime scene in order to make it look like murder. When an innocent man is caught in the cross-fire, she admits her felony to the lawyer she hired to save the unfortunate man.



Air Dates

  • First Run - July 16, 1980
  • Repeat - November 6, 1980





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4 Responses to Episode 1103

"RADIO NOIR"! Henry Slesar's "Murder Preferred" is a masterpiece! One of my TOP THREE favorite CBSRMT episodes of all time. I can listen to this episode over and over. Not a dialogue is wasted. The character development is outstanding. And the actors' performances are monumental, especially Tony Roberts and Teri Keane (however ALL of the supporting roles are fantastic). The ubiquitous Keane, normally stellar, turns in a particularly memorable role as the unsteady wife of a dead politician who hires attorney C. Tom Hendricks (Roberts) to defend her former lover who is accused of murdering her husband. Set up as a series of dialogues between main character Hendricks and other characters, Tom reluctantly delves into a convoluted (sometimes violent) story of party politics, jealousy, blackmail, drugs, and insurance fraud to try to discover the truth. As we learn, the truth is especially hard to deduce when so many parties stand to lose if uncovered. FIVE STAR MAXIMUM - Juror 4

Juror 4

One of the finest stories yet. It had twists and turns that kept me in the dark until the conclusion. If you enjoyed Perry Mason mysteries, you will enjoy this episode.


Wow this one is a true gem. E. G. promises us a good mystery story at the opening, and he does deliver. Kept me guessing and then guessing again, and again, and then totally shocked at the end. Great acting, alot of fun. This site brings back great memories when I was a teenager, going to bed, turning on 850 WJW, and listening every night. Enjoy this story.

A. Fan

I liked this one a lot and listened to it twice. Definitely above average in story line. A good mystery with surprises at the conclusion.


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