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The Inner Eye


In an attempt to save his life, a young woman uses the power of post-cognition to follow the actions of her itinerant lover after she calls ends their relationship.



Air Dates

  • First Run - May 5, 1980
  • Repeat - August 26, 1980





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7 Responses to Episode 1082

Yes! What about patient confidentiality?


Celine, There was no such thing as patient confidentiality in 1980. I think the Hippa laws were passed in the mid 90s and didn't take effect until the 2000s. But in 1980 - as I remember it, there was no expectation of privacy.

jim shane

So was the doctor treating the girl? I felt like he'd been counseling her after the incident w her boyfriend, in which case --he asked her out? Ewwww.


The best line of the episode - The police sergeant, asking about Carl: "Is he some kind of a nut?"


Elspeth Eric really pushing her new age agenda on this one. SPOILER possible following, "I see with my inner eye that he has a gun in his pocket. He is going to commit suicide, first he walks into a hotel and writes a letter, than I see him walk into the police station (nobody there has seen him). Then he walks down a back alley and well (Spoiler). Ambulance driver, keep on driving, turn left, turn right, stop there." Surprise, there he is! How did she ever know? Easy script to write, but did this ever happen in real life? Dozens of psychics claimed they predicted JFK's assassination beforehand, but did anyone actually try to stop it? There was a funny part with the hotel vision. The girl doesn't recognize the hotel with the big windows and red curtains. Mother says, "He is writing a letter on hotel stationery. Can you see the hotel's name on the stationery?" Girl says, "Ahh, yes. I SEE IT. There is an S, then a U. F, another F." Mother says, "Hotel Suffolk?" Girl, "Yes that's right, Hotel Suffolk." Why is it that she has to spell it out letter by letter, it's hotel stationery? The name would have been pre-printed on it. If she sees the first S, she could just read the name, instead of spelling it out.

D.C. Klinkensmit

Not a great episode but it was interesting. The mother was very annoying, dragging her daughter to a shrink for nothing at all. Nice concept but the overall story just falls apart


Reminds me how my first girlfriend and I can tell when something goes wrong with one or the other and we need to find each other. Frequently in the hospital, but sometimes it's a death in the family. Somehow we just know we need to get together. She needs me And I need her. We split about 45 years ago.


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