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The Face in the Coffin


In a visit to the funeral home to pay their respects to a deceased family member, a young couple unwittingly discover the body of a federal judge in charge of a huge trial for a suspect in an organized crime case. Soon, they are pursued by the felons and must take flight.



Air Dates

  • First Run - April 16, 1980
  • Repeat - August 7, 1980





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6 Responses to Episode 1077

A fun episode with a good feel to it. When our couple are walking home from the ice cream parlor you actually get the feel of a warm spring evening in Washington. Fred Gwynne was superb as always. The guy playing the undertaker was superb, sounding just like a stereotypical undertaker would. Kristoffer Tabori can also be seen in the season 1 finale of Seaquest DSV playing Lucas' father.

John Lawton

Though it was entertaining, this was a pretty ridiculous episode. All the characters were borderline idiots. The scene with the squirrel was a classic though...worthy of Breaking Bad.

Phillip M.

Mystery with a bit of comedy; good combination. Sit back and relax


I rate this episode ★★★★☆ for GOOD. This is one of the best Drama-Mysteries that I’ve heard. Parts of it reminded me of the 1976 film ALL THE PRESIDENT’S MEN where our 2 main characters stumble upon a serious matter in Washington D.C. and the 1998 film ENEMY OF THE STATE where a corrupt politician tries to hunt down witnesses who showed up at the wrong place at the wrong time. Bravo to James Agate, Jr. for writing a great suspense-thriller. Another way to title this would be “Death Contract For Two.” There were so many sound effects in this and each one was important. The clock chiming, the funeral march, footsteps down the hall, newspapers, tableware clinking, rotary phone ringing, doors, the Yacht, pouring of drinks, howling wind, car motor running, car honk, car crash, unbuckling the seat belt, birds chirping, car explosion, jazz music playing in the drug store/movie house, cash register, crickets, the big marble crushing to the ground, walking through the leaves, mailbox explosion, doorbell, hearse car door, and the police sirens—Perfect! And that goes the same with the music. Tension themes in ACT-1, deadly themes in ACT-2 (especially at the 23-minute mark), and finish it off with suspenseful themes in ACT-3. I’d give props to our great cast: Roberta Maxwell (as Cathy Doyle), Kristoffer Tabori (as Timothy Doyle), Robert Kaliban (as Mr. Stairwell & Julian), and Fred Gwynne (as Senator Henderson). I really wanted to rate this CBSRMT episode 5 out of 5 stars, but there’s one problem: the HOST’s Prologue—it’s not there! The recording of it was cut off. But his other narrations were splendid. In ACT-1, he talks about Washington D.C. on how it’s unlike any other city because it’s a business town called “U.S. Government Inc.” And that is where we meet our main characters. In ACT-2, he quoted Henry James who said, “Life is a battle. Evil is insolent and strong. Goodness is apt to be weak. Folly very apt to be defiant. Wickedness to carry the day.” This makes an interesting point where the Good is punished and dies young while Evil is rewarded and continues to prevail. But the best quote coming from E.G. Marshall, was at the end of ACT-2 on what he said about Money: “It makes a good servant, but a bad master.” In ACT-3, he informs us fans that the hero is about to face the villain. In the end of the final Act, he informs us again if that if we can’t get help, try helping ourselves; keep cool and use your head. In his Epilogue, he quoted someone who said, “It’s not death that frightens me. It is dying. The known doesn’t alarm me. The unknown does.” Don’t know who said that, but he also quoted Napoleon Bonaparte who said, “He who fears being conquered is sure of defeat.” Everything that E.G. Marshall said was good, except the missing Prologue. Who knows what he said. But anyway, this is a great suspense story that everyone should tune in to. And if you’re searching for other stories with the word “Coffin” in the title, check out #0213-A COFFIN FOR THE DEVIL, #0346-THE COFFIN WITH THE GOLDEN NAILS, and #1183-THE EMPTY COFFIN. Until next time…pleasant dreams. =0)


Decent premise, ridiculous ending! Which I find is true of many stories.

J Nicolosi

I’ve been looking for a episode of mothers Hennessy’s chickens


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