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The Unseen and the Seen


Believing their house to be haunted by the spirit of his deceased wife, a widowed banker and aspiring artist becomes distressed when the picture of their wedding day moves around the house seemingly on its own. To get to the bottom of things, he devises a unique plan.



Air Dates

  • First Run - February 25, 1980
  • Repeat - June 10, 1980





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8 Responses to Episode 1062

Elsbeth Eric can do no wrong. I love all her stories.

Gina Schackel

I agree Gina, imagine if she had started her career as a writer... But from what I have seen, she was much too attractive to have not been on the screen in those days.

David M.

Elspeth Eric wasn't on the screen all that much. According to the IMDb her screen acting credits are slight, and mostly in the 1950s when she was well into her 40s. (She was born in 1907). She was mostly a radio actress, where her good looks didn't matter.

Thomas M. Sipos

I love Elspeth too but this one was a bad story :( Donald was the worst actor I've heard so far. I think I've listened to more than 100 of these CBS Mysteries.


This story is rich. Like a great wine reduction whose ingredients blend into a strong and rewarding taste. Amid the current distasteful and graphic stories of today (2018) this story has subtly and love and real discourse. Excellent.


This one is not very entertaining. A long, slow dull story.


I agree. I like most of the episodes I choose to listen to, but this one was boring. Plus, it really didn't make sense that he was so scared of a photo moving around. That's not scary; it's a little odd at most. Sending his family away wasn't very smart either. Obviously it didn't do any good. I think a better ending would have been to find out that instead of sending his family and housekeeper away as he claimed he did, his friend could have discovered their graves in the basement or backyard. And, the photo had been moved by Donald - an unrealized sleep walker - everytime.


Donald, a widower with three children, lives with his mother-in-law, Mona, and her personal maid, Selma. He is shocked one morning to find his wedding picture, which has been on the mantelpiece for 20 years, lying on the floor. Then he finds it on a windowsill, behind a chair, in a wastebasket. When no one will admit having moved the photo, Donald sends them all away. Nothing happens for six nights, but during the seventh the photo gets moved to a coffee table and, as Donald confides to a friend, he’s “scared to death.”


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