Lee Richardson (Actor)

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(09-11-1926 - 10-02-1999) Age 73

Lee Richardson developed a love for the works of Shakespeare and Coward while in the Army Air Corp during WWII. He appeared in over 100 TV commercials

He appeared in the following 5 episodes of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
04/14/1982 1315 The Visions of Sir Philip Sidney A Zulu War veteran in 19th century London begins to think he is suffering from delusions when he starts seeing people on a train that no one else seems to notice.
04/30/1982 1322 The Last Duel A subordinate caught playing cards while on guard duty is challenged to a duel by his Lieutenant. Between the two shots, a series of events occur.
06/04/1982 1337 My First Rogue A French detective plays a dangerous game of hide-and-seek with a sophisticated and wily art thief.
06/25/1982 1343 Don't Kill Me In order to marry her husband's wealthy compatriot, a woman allows her elderly husband to die from sickness. The man comes back to haunt her.
11/02/1982 1389 The Sensible Thing After deciding to marry his assistant, a widower discovers that his wife is incapable of love and that she has a strange and unhealthy attachment to her dog.

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Lee Richardson (September 11, 1926, Chicago, Illinois – October 2, 1999, New York City) was an American character actor who frequently appeared in the films of Sidney Lumet. Richardson appeared in such films as Brubaker, Prince of the City, Prizzi's Honor, Tiger Warsaw, The Fly II, Q&A, The Exorcist III, Daniel and A Stranger Among Us and such television series as Law & Order and Hearts and Minds. He also narrated Network and appeared in the television film Skylark. He appeared in an uncredited role as Franklin D. Roosevelt in Truman.


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