Cynthia Adler (Actor)

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(05-23-1946 - ) Age 78

Cythnia Adler is known mostly for her voice work, having worked as puppeteer for the Muppets and voicing several Rankin and Bass and Hanna Barbera projects.


She appeared in the following 5 episodes of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
04/09/1982 1313 You Tell Me Your Dream Two strangers suffer through a recurring dream at the same time in which they are attacked by a faceless predator. When Ed Larsen meets Mark Howgate, they learn of their shared problem and work together to unravel the dream's meaning. Little do they know that their troubles have just begun.
05/12/1982 1327 The Wound That Would Not Heal After being charged with the murder of his mistress, a man adamantly denies his guilt. However, when the ghost of his dead lover begins to haunt his dreams, he becomes disoriented and begins to believe that the accusation must be true.
08/31/1982 1365 How Do You Like Those Apples? A chance encounter with a psychic allows a cheating spouse to learn about his death. At the same time, his wife begins having strange visions of her husband's murder and tries to find the killer in order to stop him.
10/01/1982 1376 Escape from Anzio After being shot down over occupied Italy during World War II, an army pilot and his companions must evade being captured by the German soldiers and make it back to neutral territory.
10/22/1982 1385 Three Fireflies in a Bottle Years after their first encounter, a man is reunited with a childhood friend he claims is an alien being. The creature foretells of the destruction of Earth should the human race continue with their evil ways.

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Cynthia Adler is a voice actress who performed as a puppeteer on two episodes of The Muppet Show. In 1975, Adler played the Invisible Girl in a short-lived Fantastic Four radio series. The cast also included Bill Murray as the Human Torch. Her voice roles for Hanna-Barbera included: Maid Marian in Robin Hoodnik, Supporting voices on The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan, and A supporting voice in "Chet's Fiancée", an episode of Wait Till Your Father Gets Home Her credits include Knightriders, Bananas Is My Business, The Actress, Love, American Style, and others. Was most of the female voices in the animated feature "Fantastic Planet," and plays 'Lee's Mother' in the Showtime television series "HAPPYish". Narrations: HBO's "Real Sex" (and numerous documentaries), Discovery Channel, PBS and American Masters. Cynthia's voice was also heard on "The Coneheads" cartoon, "Marilyn in Manhattan" TV doc, "Brain Games" television series, and as series narrator for "America Undercover". As the voice of numerous national commercials - Revlon, Mercedes Benz, Pampers, McDonalds, Estee Lauder, Delta Airlines, and the voice of Chiquita Banana (just to name a few) - her original poem "My Face," along with her voice, was chosen for a national ad campaign for "Oil of Olay" that ran for nearly two years


"Love, American Style" !!!!!!


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