Cynthia Harris (Actor)

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(08-09-1934 - ) Age 87

Cynthia Harris is a TV and Movie Actress. Her appearances include Mad About You, LA Law, All My Children and Edward and Mrs Simpson.




She appeared in the following 2 episodes of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
03/17/1982 1303 Tippecanoe and Tyler, Too When a 60-year old furniture maker proclaims his intention to marry his assistant thirty years his junior, his friend and neighbor is alarmed. She must expose the woman's dastardly motives to save him from making a terrible mistake.
04/14/1982 1315 The Visions of Sir Philip Sidney A Zulu War veteran in 19th century London begins to think he is suffering from delusions when he starts seeing people on a train that no one else seems to notice.

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