Joan Banks (Actor)

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(10-31-1918 - 01-18-1998) Age 80

Joan Banks made regular appearances on Gang Busters and later appeared in a number of dramas with her husband, Frank Lovejoy.


She appeared in the following episode of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
07/04/1979 0994 The Great White Shark An arrogant millionaire takes his wife on a charter boat and the ship's captain is enthralled by her beauty. Despite his emotions, he cannot dispel the anger he feels as he seeks vengeance on the shark that claimed his limb.

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Joan Banks/Lovejoy was in 36 episodes of CBSRMT.

Charlie B Phillips

She also made numerous "Mystery Theater" appearances under her married name, Joan Lovejoy. (She was the widow of Frank Lovejoy, of "Night Beat" fame.)


Joan Banks started in radio in the 1930s and was a regular on dozens of radio dramas through the 1950s, including Gang Busters, Suspense and Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar with her husband, Frank Lovejoy. She had over 50 appearances in film and television including I Love Lucy, Perry Mason and Alfred Hitchcock Presents.


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