Phyllis Newman (Actor)

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(03-19-1933 - 09-15-2019) Age 86

Phyllis Newman made her Broadway debut in 1952. She was a frequent guest panelist on TV game shows.



She appeared in the following 3 episodes of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
05/05/1977 0646 Reunion Fever Most of the attendees of a class reunion end up sick with many of them dying. One member of the class gets a letter offering to sell him the remedy for the mysterious virus for $10,000.
06/13/1977 0664 First Woman in Space The first woman in space returns to earth with an alien living within her --- an alien that will fight her for control of her body and survival in her new environment.
07/15/1977 0683 The Kingdom Below A wealthy American financier and his wife travel to Europe to help their daughter find a husband with the aristocracy. The daughter soon falls in love, but not with a man of whom her father approves.

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