Peter Donald (Actor)

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(06-06-1918 - 04-20-1979) Age 61

Peter Donald appeared on Fred Allen's radio show as Ajax Cassidy.






He appeared in the following 2 episodes of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
12/23/1974 0190 Give the Devil His Due An aged dancer attempts to enter a pact with the devil to sacrifice her soul in return for her youth and skill. But she backs out of the deal at the last minute - with severe consequences.
01/10/1976 0413 The Stolen White Elephant The sacred white elephant of Queen Victoria has gone missing and it's up to Inspector Blunt of the New York City police to solve the case. Following a lead, a force of one hundred men storm Barge Criswell's home only to discover that the main suspect is dead-- and that he has been dead for the last fifteen years!

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