John Newland (Actor)

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(11-23-1917 - 01-10-2000) Age 83

After serving in the Army Air Corp John Newland signed with Warner Bros but was relegated to bit parts. He then focused his efforts on TV.

He appeared in the following 3 episodes of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
09/30/1974 0154 Murder to Perfection A young woman is horrified to learn that her soon to be brother-in-law murdered her sister as well as his previous wife. He then proceeds to disclose his intention to act out the perfect murder, with her as the star of the show.
10/15/1974 0161 Picture on a Wall After transferring into a new flat with a picturesque yard, a fledgling actress becomes obsessed with a certain \'inhabitant\' of the garden. This greatly disturbs not just her lover, but her landlord as well.
09/16/1975 0345 The Prison of Glass In order to escape the emotional baggage in her life, a talented but troubled actress dreams of being able to seek refuge in a glass snow globe she has an unusual fixation with.

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ONE STEP BEYOND, I remember watching reruns of ONE STEP BEYOND, back in the 1970s. Last year I bought the entire series on DVD. I noticed then how good looking Mr. Newland was at that time and how soothing his voice was. Needless to say ONE STEP BEYOND, is still as interesting and sometimes eerie as ever. I think with all the paranormal shows on TV now, ONE STEP BEYOND would fit in. For those haven't seen this show you don't knew what your missing. Maybe some channel will show it again or re-do the stories. But finding someone like John Newland would be hard.

Lee Ann M.

Listen to 'murder to perfection'. This guy is incredible. He plays a witty murderer who takes pride in murdering his wives for insurance money. The role was perfectly done.


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