Jerry Stiller (Actor)

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(06-08-1927 - 05-11-2020) Age 93

Jerry Stiller teamed with his wife in the comedy team Stiller and Meara. He has to love Ben Stiller. He is his father.


He appeared in the following episode of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
08/13/1974 0132 The Frontiers of Fear A defeated man buys an ancient typewriter from a pawn shop. The typewriter reveals itself to be like the Goose that lays golden eggs. But gold might not be the only thing it has to offer. What if it is blood?

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Why would Himan Brown be inclined to cast an actor such as Jerry Stiller in an episode of the CBS Radio Mystery Theater? His wife, Ann Meara stars in one episode. She fit the role perfectly!


Gerald Isaac Stiller (born June 8, 1927) is an American comedian and actor. He spent many years in the comedy team Stiller and Meara with his wife, Anne Meara. He later played Frank Costanza on the NBC sitcom Seinfeld and Arthur Spooner on the CBS comedy series The King of Queens.[1] Stiller and Meara are the parents of actor Ben Stiller, with whom Stiller co-starred in the films Zoolander, Heavyweights, Hot Pursuit, The Heartbreak Kid and Zoolander 2. Stiller is known for his angry, yelling acting style


SAD NEWS: Jerry Stiller passed away on May 11th , 2020 😢. He did 1 episode on CBSRMT in 1974 (#0132-THE FRONTIERS OF FEAR) R.I.P. Jerry Stiller


I saw this. It is sad. Truthfully, I thought he was so so. It was when he performed with his wife, Anne Meara when they were outstanding! She talked in that annoyed, disinterested voice, he was frazzled! I loved them together!


His episode was great. Very creepy


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