Lon Clark (Actor)

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(01-12-1911 - 10-02-1998) Age 87

Best remembered for his rich baritone voice, Lon Clark appeared in hundreds of old time radio shows and is memorable for his portrayal of Nick Carter, Master Detective on the Mutual Network, 1943-55. 




He appeared in the following 4 episodes of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
04/15/1974 0074 Only the Dead Remember

Two decades is a small time for Korean war veterans as they come together to plot the murder of a fellow prisoner of war who foiled their escape attempt from a POW camp.

08/01/1974 0126 The Hit Man A chance meeting with the wife of his next victim changes the mindset of a hired gun.
11/06/1974 0170 Terror on the Heath A young man thinks he is the incarnation of serial killer who was hanged for a series of murders in the 1800s. He finds an old photo of the killer in the public museum, and also a man well-versed in the history of the crimes.
01/22/1975 0209 Concerto in Death A celebrated conductor is devastated when his son dies. He can't accept the fact at all and slowly goes mad, much to the embarrassment of his family.

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Lon Clark (January 12, 1912 – October 2, 1998)[1] was a New York City actor of stage and radio. He began as a musician and actor in traveling tent shows, followed by a season with the Cincinnati Summer Opera. After participating in radio drama in Cincinnati, he arrived in New York during the 1940s, and his rich baritone voice quickly led to network radio roles. He had the title role in Nick Carter, Master Detective on the Mutual Broadcasting System from 1943 to 1955.Clark also played the district attorney in Front Page Farrell. Clark was also a familiar voice on such programs as the weekday serial Mommie and the Men, the frontier serial adventure Wilderness Road, the World War II dramas Words at War (1943–45) and Soldiers of the Press (1942–45), the quiz show Quick as a Flash, the soap opera Bright Horizon, the science fiction series 2000 Plus and Exploring Tomorrow, Lights Out, The Mysterious Traveler, The Kate Smith Hour, The March of Time, The Adventures of the Thin Man and Norman Corwin Presents.


Please help me find the violinist and the name of the composition he/she plays. It is so beautiful, so many thanks if you would be kind enough to help.

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Lon Clark appeared in two Broadway productions and a small handful of films and television programs but it was radio that constituted the majority of his acting career. He appeared on dozens of different radio programs over a 30 year period included Lights Out and the Mysterious Traveler but he is best remembered for his portrayal of Nick Carter, Master Detective on the Mutual Network from 1943 through 1955.


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