Lori March (Actor)

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(03-06-1923 - 03-19-2013) Age 90

Lori March appeared on Dr Kildare, As the World Turns, One Life to Live, Search for Tomorrow, Edge of Night, Texas, Another Life, Guiding Light, and Another World.

She appeared in the following 5 episodes of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
04/11/1974 0073 Strange Company A wealthy aged woman is terrorized by invisible visitors. Her hard-hearted nephew and his wife can't care less and slowly decide to take advantage of her apparent hallucinations to steal from her.
01/05/1975 0196 The Many Names of Death A trust officer in a bank hires a sexy secretary. She charms him to take a few rash steps and walk the wilder side of things. The ride may turn out more bumpy for him than he expected.
10/20/1975 0364 Never in This World After passing through a run-down cemetery, a man becomes possessed by the evil ghost haunting the graveyard.
07/12/1977 0681 The Colonel Chabert A French colonel, thought to be dead, returns to his family and tries to recover some of his fortune from his wife who has since remarried and borne a family. She is reluctant because he can reveal her less than distinguished past.
04/10/1978 0813 Childish Laughter A scientist finds himself isolated in a remote house after damaging his car in an accident in order to save a young girl. He finds himself trapped by his own memories and the haunting laughter of a young girl.

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